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Am I overreacting???
So I started working for this family in October as a nanny and also "helping" the then pregnant mom around the house which is a 3 story 5 bedroom house. The children are 3 and 5 year old boys and a now 6 month old girl. Now 7 months in I feel I am being taken advantage of. They are a super nice family but the duties and the mom being inconsiderate has me one the verge of quitting. The only way to help you understand why I feel like I'm being taken advantage of is to run you through my day : I arrive at 6am Monday thru Friday wake up everyone including the mom as the dad is already gone to work. Make breakfast and lunches and get kids ready for school all with baby in arms. The mom then takes the two boys to school. I am then responsible for cleaning up the disgusting mess from the night before because no one here cleans up after themselves (old bottles,sippy cups, food etc) mop and vacuum whole house, do ALL laundry and they change 3-4 times a day, dishes, basically whole house cleaning EVERYDAY. And I will tell you MONDAYS are dreadful even if I was here Sunday or Saturday. She had me moving mattresses to third floor the other day. That was kinda my breaking point. All with caring for an infant while she is out EVERYDAY shopping (Gucci, all designer things, Botox etc) and getting nails and hair done as she has yet to bond with her baby since she was born. She also probably once a week asks me to go home at my normal time which is 5 pm and come back at 7pm so she can go out or whatever then comes home at midnight or later then expects me to be back at 6am he next day and also work pretty much every weekend I've worked 6-7 days a week for the past 2 months and all for $10 an hour except weekends I make $15 an hour. And mind you I HAVE A FAMILY OF MY OWN I have a husband And almost 3 year old and my family depends on my income as my husband is getting his business started. So I'm at a loss on how to go about this issue because I love the kids and they love me


You are severely UNDERpaid! And OVERworked. You need to ask for more money asap. 10 is too low to nanny one child. Let alone 3 PLUS housework. You need benefits, higher pay. And overtime! If they cannot/will not provide that, quit

Sorry to say you are under paid and you should ask for a big raise which mom can afford. Set boundaries, contract, time limits since you have a family of your own.Teach the boys to pick up after them selves and tell mom and dad to do the same at end of their day. They can pay you more than $15 an hr also, since mom is shopping daily. Have a contract in hand for her to sign with raise and start time and end time, boundaries, vacation, sick days,overtime. Or you can find another family that will appreciate your efforts with less work. You have to speak up or she will make your job harder and her life easier.

I'm not sure where you are nannying but I can tell you that in Colorado I was working with a family of three, mind you they were older so my job was a little easier than what you have described. Two school aged and one pre-school. I did full laundry for the house, clean up, dishes, groceries etc. but I made $20 an hour for this. Start looking for a new thing or talk to your boss about a raise. Tell them the scope of your job is much bigger than what you initially thought when taking the job. Either you get a raise or you walk. Honestly if you are going to be miserable at least be miserable for good money. $10 is an absolute joke. You should only make $10 if you are working with 1-2 kids with no extras, no cleaning, no laundry, no dishes. Honestly you should probably just get out of there. It is just disrespectful to pay a nanny $10 for all that you have described, if they can't respect you enough to pay a decent wage then you have got to get out of there.

they are absolutely taking advantage of you! moving mattresses like a moving company is ridiculous. If they can afford to pay for gucci purses and other things, they can afford to pay you the wages of a nanny and housekeeper. you're being unfairly treated and poorly compensated for everything you do on a daily basis. i would have a sit down and explain that you feel overdue for a 90/180 day raise and you find it difficult to have the energy to tend the baby with all of the housework you have to do. ask if they would like to hire a daily housekeeper or increase your wages for doing it all. you went from nanny/mother's helper to nanny/household manager and keeper and you need to be fairly compensated for that. be brave and set them straight before you get tempted to just never go back one day. also be looking for another job just in case.

First of all you are not getting paid enough. That is where I really feel you are being taken advantage of. It seems like they ask alot of you but they need to pay for that!! I'm not sure what area you are in but I would be asking at least $18-$20 per hour for the tasks you are performing for them. When kids are in diapers I usually charge $15 and if they expect cleaning and extra hours I would definitely ask for more!

Sounds to me like they are getting a child-carer and cleaner in one. Saving money hire one instead of two.

6am is ridiculous! The earliest I've ever been is 8 and that's just because buses are a joke where I live. If you're there to take care of the kids then you should only take care of chores relating to them, and if its housework then nowhere near the kids. Think you should have a serious talk with them regarding hours/pay (i.e. overtime/40 hours a week max), at least a strongly worded email.

Don't just take it either. I know it's easy to just get on with it for the money but missing out on your own family to pretty much raise someone else's is wrong! There are plenty of other families desperate for a few hours of help and pay accordingly. The family I work rarely ask me to do chores (if they do it's only ever kid related), I do still do dishwasher/load of washing etc. but MATTRESSESS????

Make it clear that what you are doing is unacceptable and they would be hard pressed to find anyone else to do it. I'm sure the manicures wouldn't last long having to do dishes everyday.

$10 is too low. Wayyyy too low. Especially for all that you are doing. Yes you are being taken advantage of. You will love your NKs but like you said you also have a family of your own. Which one is more important? Obviously, your family is more important. Don't sacrifice your time and well being for such low pay. I don't really think this mom will change her mind unless you put your foot down and either ask for more money and ask for less household duties. Respect in any job is cruital for a functional work environment and you definitely aren't getting that.