Working as part-time babysitter

Hi all,

I am a part-time babysitter that get paid monthly. I work three days a week. The baby's mom told me that she will care for her son this week and next week because the son is sick/flu. I thanks her because I have another babysitting job that I need to do and I am not comfortable working with sick kids.

She told me that I need to work extra days in May to cover back the day that I'm not working. Is this fair?

Thank you in advance


I never agree to work extra, if she doesn't need you then fine but you shouldn't be penalized for the child being sick. Unless she's paying you for those days off, but idk. I never find that fair. There shouldn't be the notion that you owe her anything.

I have worked for a family infant twins and they are now 7 mths old. I adore them. Right now I work 5 days a week $20.00 per hour nights and weekends off. The family is moving out of state and wants me to go with them to live in. Room and board free nights and weekends off for $500.00 a week. I feel it's fair since I would have no expenses besides car ins and some food. I would love to hear some feed back. Thx

I can't do live ins so I cannot advise you, but what will they/you do if you hate It? Can you move back? And 500 for twins seems low. Where's your general area?

Banking hours is illegal and do not do it. She wants you working since she has paid for the month. Deduct the days that you did not work, due to his illness, and give her the Cash back. Also, start looking for another job. I do not like the sound of this deal at all. I have never had a mom tell me that, but I did finally resign a job that I hated, as the house was sooo dirty and stinky from 80 lb. dogs in the house. When I broke the contract and gave my 6 week notice, she did not take me seriously, even though I put it in writing. She then text me an offer of an additional $3.00 hour raise more to keep me after 30 days had passed, which I found manipulative and insulting. I cannot work On Call or 13 hour days, which is what I was working for her twice per week. Red flags are red flags and banking hours and telling you, You Owe her hours is unacceptable. Keep us informed of how it goes. miss pat

I wanted to pay her back but she told me she need me this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I agreed.
She also accidently mentioned to me that she's been looking for my replacement! My pay is not that good so when she told me she's willing to pay more money to the next candidate I a bit furious! Anyway, she texted me a while ago saying she cannot find a good match also like to pay me more if I still want to work for her. I cannot think straight right now. Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

I don't like the sound of this lady at all. I'd start looking to replace HER. And in the future, don't agree to bank hours.

Don't let her bank hours. IF this is a casual babysitting gig, she doesn't technically have to guarantee hours, but she does need to pay if she cancels within 24 hrs.

So i would charge a higher rate per hour because part time costs more. And be firm with her that she cannot bank hours. I would STILL keep looking for a better job tho.

This woman is evil and manipulative, a real crook. Work until you find another job. Lots of honest people need summer nannies now. Stop working weekends once you have paid back that week. Refuse anymore Saturdays. She will try to tie you up so you cannot find a new job, but don't fall for it. If she mentioned looking for a new nanny, let her. As soon as you find a replacement family, give her two weeks notice. That is all she deserves!! Please get away from her. miss pat