How much to charge for babysitting in my home?

I have been babysitting & nannying for 10 years & am now a stay at home mom to a 5 month old. I have been trying to start babysitting from my home (looking for ONE child close in age to mine, so not a day care). I've been searching for months with no luck. I use sittercity and even recently posted an ad on craigslist. I get a lot of replies but as soon as the pay comes up, I lose them. So I live in Columbus, Ohio & the calculator says the suggested $ for 1 child hourly is like almost $15. I've typically charge around $10-12 for one child in the past, so still less than that. Since I'm in my own home & am saving on childcare because I'm with my own child, I've been asking for $10 & people freak out. They want me to watch their child 8 hours a day for $25 a day! My most recent interested mom wanted to pay me $100 a week for 20 hours and I almost caved but my husband talked me out of it, pointing out the fact that that's like 5$ an hour to be watching 2 infants. I posted to a mom's forum asking what they pay, explaining my situation & they all said I'm asking for way too much & that they also pay 20-$30 a day for a full day of care. Also, when I posted my ad to Craigslist, I saw MANY other ads for in home care offering 8+ hours of care for like $25 and they include food! So I'm wondering if I'm totally out of my mind & should just beg that last mom to let me watch her kid for $100 a week! What do you all think??


100 a week for 20 hours isn't 5 per hour. You're not watching two infants because you cannot charge other people for watching your own baby. The parents lose time by dropping off to you. If you want to do this, then look at it as a share.

I'm a share nanny. And I have a 1.5 yr old. I take him to work. I started taking him with me straight from maternity leave. I was already in a share with 3 families when I got pregnant. I ended up kicking one family out of the share at around 30 weeks pregnant. Then I returned to work PP to two families. They each had one child. I cared for my baby and their two almost toddlers. Now I nanny two 2 year olds and bring my son along. I get paid the share rate from each family. Plus I have no childcare expenses on my own.

There is no way to do it at your house and make decent money from one family. You may need to get licensed for home care. And provide care for 2 or 3 other kids if you think you can do it. Taking your child to someone else's house is difficult for parents so they wont pay top dollar for it. Look into the nanny share idea.

I'm sorry but everything I've seen says that yes you're charging too much. Not because you don't work hard or because you're not worth it, but traditionally the stay at home parent does not make a livable income taking on one child.

$10/hr is an acceptable rate for IN Home care. Is it competitive, no, but I've done it and I know it's common in my area. A parent who has to pack up all baby's things, all baby's milk, and baby every morning and evening is much less convenienced but could have childcare in their own home privately for the same price. Then there's the added factor of your own small child who is equally as a part of your attention. In my area a nanny bringing an infant would be hard pressed to earn $10/hr even in working in a private residence (for one extra child).

I am sorry it's this way, but I've always seen the care hierarchy go from top to bottom pay range: Nanny, daycare center, in home daycare, stay at home parent. You can hold out and stick to your guns, it's your right to try to get the wage you want or need. But I think you may have a difficult path ahead and may end up making more if you brought your child to an employers home. Still won't make what you did before but could be more than SAHM and taking on another.