How to say no to traveling

Hi all!

So I've been working for my nanny family for 3+ years. They have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I just got an email asking if I would like to travel with them. One is for a week in two weeks from now and one is in August. The August one is their annual family reunion and their family is extremely snotty (I've met them on several occasions). I just wouldn't feel comfortable. The one in two weeks is a business trip I believe, but it's so short notice. I get anxiety while traveling and have a hard time doing it unless my husband is there. So to sum all of this up, I have zero interest in traveling even with the extra pay. I feel bad for saying no. How do I do it?



Just saying no is perfectly fine! They're asking, you're answering. If you really feel the need to explain, I know I'd want to provide an explanation, keep it simple and to what you just told us. You have a lot of travel related anxiety and just don't want to be away from home so completely. I feel 100% the same way and I even tell families that up front- I will do overnight care so you can go away but no amount of travel with the family would be worth all of the stress it would bring me.

They have time to find someone else or to make childcare arrangements at their destination. Lots of hotels have connections they can use, I had two families tell me they were able to hire a caregiver for full days that entire trip to Hawaii. Just tell then as soon as possible so they can get to work on arrangements.

If these kids are 3 and 1, they are a handful!! Mom wants help to care for them on the plane and Use you as a All Day and All night babysitter, no vacation for you. Even if she Pays you. it is a working vacation for you!! If this was Never mentioned when you were hired, then absolutely no. Say I am afraid of flying and have anxiety attacks when away, so leave it. Most families list Travel on their Ad because they cannot manage the kids daily. My current family, drags the grandparents along with the kids to help as these kids are horrible at home, not to mention on a plane for Two Hours with one in diapers. Just say NO, no thanks. While they are gone, look for another job. Nannies be careful with travel. It is not a vaca. for you. Some nannies get stuck with 24 hour care, have to buy plane tickets, and pay for hotel room and their meals cause you are working all the time!!! No way would I do any of that. Resorts and Major hotels Also have "Nanny Services" and they need to call the hotel and book a nanny for date nights while on vacation. Good luck and don't stress. miss pat