Need Advice about Current Situation

I just found out my current family is moving out of the country so I obviously started looking for new jobs. I interviewed with a new family and ended up being offered the position that starts next week. I let my current family know right away (which was a week ago), however, they spent all of last week trying to convince me to stay. Finally over the weekend I explained that unfortunately I just can't stay with them until they move (which is in the middle of summer) and they asked that I stay through the end of next week knowing my new job starts next week.

How do I handle this situation so that I am not burning bridges?

My current family is great, but I have felt very manipulated and taken advantage of as they are consistently late at the end of every day and do not pay me for any time off, even when their kids are the ones who get me sick. They also refuse to pay me overtime even though I work 45 to 50 hours per week.


It's up to you. I always encourage nannies to give at least a two week notice. If the perspective family won't wait two weeks, it may be a red flag for you. They should respect your desire to give proper notice.

Two weeks notice was given over a week ago, but it was verbally communicated rather than written. I have been very close with this family and thought they wouldn't need to have it written out. We have a contract but it doesn't talk about what to do when one of us decides to part ways or how long I was supposed to commit to them. My last day should be this Friday but they are expecting me to stay through the end of next week, making it three weeks notice. The new family has been respectful even though they needed help sooner rather than later, but they are now expecting me to begin helping next week.

I'm just not sure how to handle my current family.

If you gave notice then you're all set. I would email this time and say: based on our conversation on x date, my last day is such and such day.

After that, your obligation ends

You just back up what you said before, you've accepted the new position and they're expecting you on the date you originally stated. Honestly once you've given notice, negotiations are over. They shouldn't be trying to get you to stay, just tell them you have accepted the new job and that's the end of the discussion.

I you start immediately after you finish with your current family it sounds like you won't have any time off in between but if you don't need any (to refresh) just finish your "two week" time frame and end with the current family. If they don't pay you as a decent employer and give you overtime (which isn't happening) then start with the new family and don't look back.

I'm sorry, I don't really know what to do except tell the family (the one you're leaving) that you tried to give them a 2 week notice over a week ago but they wouldn't accept it, and unfortunately your last day this Friday is firm since you already committed to the new family. It sucks for them but it would also suck to lose your new job over trying to delay your start-date when you attempted to give proper notice.

Also, how long have you been with this family? If you haven't been with them very long or don't really need a reference then you shouldn't worry about them too much...they should have started lining up nannies to interview as soon as you gave notice. It's not your fault they now have to really scramble, but I'm sure they can find some temporary care for the week if needed.

Hi, I'm new to this group and this is my first post. I'm going to thank everyone in advance for giving me advice on what to do. I have a 2 year old daughter and I also nanny for a family friends 22month old full time (monday-Friday 7am-3pm). I am not the kind of nanny who sits at home and let's them watch TV all day. We play with blocks and toys and I have memberships to our local children's museum, the zoo, and a community pool. We also play outside as much as we can and we go park hunting (that's what I call it when I put them in the car and drive into random neighborhoods to check out their playgrounds). I supply all of the food, which is organic so it is expensive. The mom provides his milk, diapers, and 1 bag of wipes once a month. She will give me money if we go somewhere that costs money for her son to get in as well. Now here is my issue.. about 2-3 times out of my 5 day nanny week, the mom is constantly running anywhere between 30-hour late. She has a few medical issues right now so she gets held up at doc appts and such, which I understand but I have never been compensated for any overtime. She will always apologize or call when she knows she is going to be running late and ask if it's okay for her to be late. Well, of course I have to say yeah, it's fine because what else can I say? I can't say "no, I have plans, I'll leave your kid on the front porch for you to pick up" , LOL. But, now her son needs speech therapy and she has already asked, and I've done it, twice for me to take him during the day. It would be one thing if I didn't have my own child with me but it's not fair to my daughter to have to sit in a waiting room for an hour while her son is in therapy. Please, someone give me advice on how to approach this. I'm not being reimbursed for my time.

You should post this as its own topic, not as a comment on someone else's post. More people will see it if you post it solo. Just a heads up.

But you need to have a frank discussion with this person, and tell her that when she's late she must compensate you for the extra time. If you're unwilling to take the child to appointments you should have said so right away, because it's always better to speak your mind before you're being relied upon for something. I understand it's not a fun activity for your daughter but if you're sure you can't find a way to enrich her during this time (books, games, puzzles, etc) then politely give the boys mother two weeks notice to figure out how they will manage his appointments. They may need to come pick him up to take him or arrange for other care entirely.

" you were late on dates x,y, and z, I know you are going through a tough time but I need you to be on time, do we need to adjust our agreement ( hours and pay) or will you be on time from now on"

For the sl therapy I would try to accommodate her or give her time to make the appointments later in the day, maybe you can drop the child off at the start of the appointment and the mom can meet you there to pick up. Early intervention is so important that I would try to help even if it's tough for you and your daughter.

I think you need a late fee. For me, I had a family do this a lot so I charged 5 dollars per minute for lateness. It may be different because he's in your house, but put your foot down. And stop paying for his food. She needs to provide it