Banking hours & misc

I've been a Nanny 4yrs now. My current NF is the only family that wants to "bank hours"=let me explain: the Mom said I had Tuesday, April 4 off & instead of NOT paying me, she paid me, thereby "banking" the 8hrs & then when she wants me to work & provide childcare on the weekends &/or some other day; she doesn't have to pay me since she already included pay for a day I didn't actually work.
This bothers me because I SHOULD BE paid extra, especially when asked to work on weekends &/or Holidays (Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day specifically) & yes, I worked back in September on Labor Day yet didn't receive any extra pay, although it was a holiday! Recently, I asked for a raise & was told they (both parents) were waiting until I've worked for a year before they wanted to consider offering &/or giving me a raise. So now, I'll have to wait because I'm uncomfy asking again. Oh! and the 3yr old has increased bratty-spoiled behaviour so I've been putting her nose on the wall, as a means of discipline; which worked...until Mom ventured upstairs (from the basement) earlier than expected & in front of the 3yr old, says to me, "oh no, No, NO! I do not like this at all" this Mom allows her 3yr old to disrespect her by screaming no, throwing tantrums, say "I'm the boss" etc...there's also an 18 month old who sees this behaviour & is now copying the 3yr old behavior!
As soon as I went home & got home that very day, I texted the Mom, asking to "have a conversation" with both parents to discuss discipline (methods & whays acceptable) & its been a month, with no conversation taking place. I made certain the Mom knows: I don't want to discuss discipline with just her & when discussion takes place, the children need to be watched by someone else so there's no distractions &/or interruptions. Anywho, has anyone else experienced a family "banking hours" & how do ya'll discipline a bratty-mouthy-spoiled 3yr old? Thanks for any feedback &/or advice!


Banking hours is illegal! There are no ifs and or buts about it! UNLESS she is paying a weekly salary and wants those HOURS in the SAME 7 day period! I have it in my contracts that they cannot do it at all. I get paid 52 weeks per year unless I call out. And have no available PT left.

As to discipline, you're right. Have a conversation with the parents away from the children. And establish disciplinary guidelines ASAP.

Banking hours: I don't do banking hours. I allow some days to be unpaid days off but no banking hours. I expect to be paid for the hours I work relative to when I work them. Also time outside of my scheduled hours I would consider OT and ask for time and a half (fortunately the family I work for agrees with this 100%).

Discipline: try a conversation based system. When the 3yo is being bratty don't respond past "if you want something from me you need to ask nicely" or something like that. If my kiddos are being bratty I wait them out through tantrums and cries and screams sometimes as much as an hour but in the end they realise they will only get what they want by being respectful. If they honestly can't figure out how to be not bratty I help them calm down and I sit down with them and talk about how their words hurt my feelings and ask them how they would feel if I talked to them like that. Then they (with a little help from me if they need it) come up with a solution to the problem. Most of the time with 2F we talk about feelings and the solution is "nanny please help me" words. With 5M sometimes the solution doesn't involve me at all but if he was being bratty I point the solution in the direction of apologising to me or whoever he was bratty to. The kids are INCREDIBLY considerate and kind I rarely have any problems with them at all. I actually haven't had to sit down with 5M for 4 or 5 months now. The family and I use the system from the book "no drama discipline" from the authors of "the whole brain child".

In most situations, "banking" hours is illegal. Are you hourly or do you have guaranteed weekly pay? If you are hourly then she would just not pay you since you didn't work. If you have guaranteed pay then you still get paid and she cannot bank those hours. Yes you should be paid extra for days you would not typically work. That times time out of your life for no pay, thats not fair. Waiting for a year for a raise is pretty typical, unless when you interview they said that after X amount of months they would consider raising your rate, or if you now have new responsibilities or tasks that you weren't asked to do in the past you could say that if its something they need you to do often, then your rate will raise to reflect the new duties. Always make sure in an initial interview how the parents would like to discipline. Some parents don't do it at all and that gets on my nerves. But when I am asked how I discipline a child, I like to stick to what the parents would do so we are all consistent with it. Maybe try having her sit on the stairs or in a chair instead of a nose in the corner, some parents view that as more harsh.