2 nannies one family

I help out this family for few hours each week, as does the other other nanny.(shes older and is a mum, I'm student but I'm studying early education.) today we where both there, as was one of her children. The baby woke up which is the child I always look after and she looks after the older and baby. But today was the day I normally work. The baby had not slept for long at all and got woken up, I was going to resettle but she sent her child to go and look in. I went too to go and re settle, but now the baby is wake wake.

its really frustrating I feel like because I'm the younger and not mum and even though I'm studying to be a early education educator anything I do/say is invalid because shes a mum (other nanny). Whenever shes there it feel like shes rubbing it in my face that she the main nanny, she causally through in "lets have dinner sometime" to the children's mum while I'm right there. Does being a mum(other nanny) trump being qualified educator?


I don't think the example you gave was a good one. Are you sure she was trying to take control by having the older child go in and check on the baby? That doesn't sound malicious to me but I don't know the whole situation. Communication is key. She's technically your co worker and you have to treat this situation like any other job. Talk to her about a schedule you both can stick to so that you don't get in each other's way. Keeping quiet about your frustrations isn't going to help you. I would maybe use her experience as a mom to draw better insight into your position. Ask her questions and then offer up any experience/knowledge you have so you can bond and understand each other a little better.

My 1st thought was why are both of you there at the same time? Why are you not responsible for all the children set days/times and the other nanny the same? That seems like it's just asking for problems to arise. I've never worked with another nanny but I have worked with parents/grandparents home and it doesn't always go well. It is our responsibility to implement parents rules/policies but we all have our different methods. I wouldn't say that being a parent is any better than having a degree and vice versa. I have a BS in Education and no children of my own yet, but have worked with them for 16 yrs. I've learned a lot from some parents. I've always met many parents who were completely clueless. And it can be difficult to try and do what you know is best for your charges when someone else disagrees. But I've learned that many parents don't want to hear that there may be a better way of doing things. My only advice is to work out a schedule where you are not together if possible.

It seems like she wants you to know she's been there longer and that she is good friends with the mom. I would bet she may be a little nervous about a younger girl doing the job as well as she can. And just for a little extra jab- ask the mom out to dinner soon... hinting to you that they already have a close relationship. I wouldn't worry about it she is looking to maybe get a little ride out of you.

You should have asserted yourself, if you're the one being paid to care for the baby she needs to stay in her lane. Being a mom does not trump anything, you're both employees of this family and must work together politely. I'd discuss it with her and lay out some boundaries. Yes she's the full time but when you're working, you're in charge of the kids you're assigned.

Dear Winter16,
May I say, Congrats on seeking an education in early childhood development! Regarding the attitude of the older Nanny; please forgive her (& the Mom who hired both of ya'll) at some point, you three need to have a discussion about authority because it sounds as though the older Nanny has forgotten which child is her primary responsibility. Be certain the meeting is with BOTH parents, plus the older Nanny & even more importantly: the meeting needs to be without the children present, so someone else needs to be caring for the children during the meeting so there are no distractions &/or interruptions. Ask for clarification, regarding your duties as a Nanny, especially when both you & the older Nanny are working at the same time. There's no such thing as a stupid question & it never hurts to ask! Hopefully this encourages you as well as helps you..please let me know how your situation resolves!
Take Care Now,