Hello everyone. I am new here and love this page already.
I am a nanny for two great 4 year old twins (boy and girl) and I would like to know if there are others who maybe deal with anxiety at work. Since a few months I developed severe responsibility anxiety to the point I have problems sleeping, no appetite and am worrying all the time about "what if" situations. I am constantly scared of anything to happen to the children and that it would be my fault. My anxiety is only work related. I don't experience it in my private life. Anyone else with a problem like this? It's so tough that I'm thinking of quitting my job.

Thanks for any responds. Lauren


I have indeed had emotional problems lead me to leave a position. I wasn't terribly well appreciated at the job, the kids were getting older and less wanted to play with me so I felt like I was only ever splitting up arguments. They were twins as well. I'm also an introvert so having basicly constant conversations with real kids who relied on me to engage eventually wore me down. It wasn't just anxiety but got to the point where I was getting migraines almost weekly and went home feeling awful, couldn't sleep well etc.

I think we all learn our limitations as time goes on. Each job teaches me more about my needs and what best suits me. I went to babies and feel 100% turned around. I still struggle with mental health but this job and it's relative ease (simple tasks versus complex child arguments) and the freedom to walk my woes away two or three times a day has really helped. At the end of my last job I thought I was done nannying forever.

I think it generally depends on how the family is "helpful" with your feelings. Within the first week of working with my current NF I told them about my anxiety and how it sometimes gets in the way and my MB has been super supportive ever since (over a year and a half now). All of their interactions with me is focused on low stress interactions and very flexible. I even locked the 2yo in the house napping by accident and DB had to catch an Uber home to let us in and it was low stress the whole way. So I think maybe if you talk to your boss/es it may let up a little. It may also just diminish with time. I used to be quite worried about not getting my duties done but as I have worked with this family for over a year and a half I basically know how they respond to things and I am comfortable with what I can get done.

It's completely valid to feel anxious about certain job responsibilities. I've definitely felt some anxiety related to work but using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques was incredibly helpful. Basically it's just taking a look at where the anxiety is coming from and finding ways to ease your fears using logic. If you just google CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) there are tons of resources out there.

You could also try talking to the family. Chances are they've also felt anxiety about the same things! Raising children can be scary and a lot of parents experience imposter syndrome for several years of their children's lives.

I hope you find some relief!

Sorry your having such anxiety, that's really hard and difficult to have and go through! I hope you have support. The "what ifs" are a killer. Ive stayed too long with some families and wished I had left sooner. at the end of the day you have to do what right for you. good luck