I quit my nanny job

So I watch this little girl, and when I had he interview with them to begin with they told me that my schedule would be set. While working with them, I wouldn't know when exactly I would get off anywhere from 4-7 which is ridiculous since they told my schedule time to be off is at 6 and ocasional 7, with notice.

The girl is sweet, why I hate to leave the job. By I don't get paid time off, holidays, vacation and not to mention a little less than min wage and work on a Saturday.

So I found a great job, that pays well with gas allowance, holidays and vacations paid. So ofocurse I accepted it.

I messaged my boss to let them know I got a new job, and I was giving them 12 days to find someone else, but they got really pissed off. Do you think 12 days makes me look like a bad person? It's almost 2 weeks.


Some people are going to be angry and hostile no matter how much notice you give. In the end as long as youre respectful that's all you need to worry about. I've had a few that had 3 weeks or more and they got angry and let me go early. Be prepared to be asked not to come in suddenly but I'm glad you made a good decision for yourself.

Why didn't you give 2 weeks notice.is it 12 working days or 12 days total. 2 weeks notice is only 10 working days. If you gave that, you're ok

Obviously, you did not have a contract. It sounds like the family you worked for did not understand that their nanny needed benefits. If you work 40 hours or 24 hours as a nanny every week, You must demand benefits and a Set Schedule. I worked 24 hours for one family and 16 for another family in the same week. The 16 hour family had variable hours of work when they needed me, as the dad worked on call and I was hired to replace him on two days per week. I asked for set hours, set days, and notice if they were taking a vacation because I wanted to be Paid for their days off, to hold me as their nanny, while away. I worked 3 different time shifts for two years, not fun. I knew the night before what time I was to start and end. No way will I work a job and not accept no stop time. Nanny contracts are written to protect the nanny. Nanny needs: total weekly hours (40), your start time; 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. end time, days off, no weekends, paid 8 national holidays, 1 week paid vacation after 1 year of service, sick pay two days, etc. You must have this in writing or you risk losing pay for work, losing pay for holidays, sick days, working weekends etc. I pull a calendar for the year and record all holidays you need paid for. Ask questions: when does family take vacation? You need pay for it. Do not take off for them unless you are paid. If kids get sick and mom stays home with them, do you get paid, are you needed? Do the parents work from home? If they do, then you will be needed, but it is hard as the child always knows she is home and wants mommy. All employers get national holidays paid, so they are off anyway with pay, why not nanny? If you get sick from the kids, get paid for it. Work duties: get it in writing what you will do or you could become the maid and nanny, and dishwasher and laundress to the parents too (job creep). If you read all stories on this blog you will see what nannies go through and the mistakes we made and the contracts and demands we need as far as our benefits and deal breakers. You have just experienced some of this with your current family. I have experienced several problems after interview and hire when I did not bring any of the above up but trusted the employer. Cover yourself and make a list of your needs. Good Luck!
miss pat

i completely agree with you, miss pat! i am an early childhood educator but i also nanny/babysit/tutor. i think nannies do need to know their worth. nannies are not just occasional babysitters, they're professional caregivers/parents. i think we forget about everything we bring to the table and just focus on it not being too much of a bother for them to compensate us what we are truly worth. we have to consider our years of experience, cpr/1st aid and other certifications, any nursing or cd/ece background, etc. when we think about compensation and benefits. i read so many ads where parents want to pay less than minimum wage, want housecleaning and other duties in addition to childcare because they have "an easy baby/child" but we have to remember that our time and lives are just as valuable as their time is and they aren't compensating us because the child is easy but for our time, sacrifices, and credentials we utilize to provide great care for their children. i appreciate all of the advice you gave the o.p. thank you!

Good for you for taking the step to do what's right for you. I think you gave them plenty of notice.

Good for you for taking the step to do what's right for you. I think you gave them plenty of notice.

It sucks. Especially not knowing when you'd be off every day. I do get paid pretty well though and I love the kids and pretty much everything else about my job so it's fine. But definitely frustrating for scheduling/planning purposes.

Congrats on your new job! That's awesome :) I'm glad you were able to find something that will hopefully work for you!

I think 12 days (I'm assuming that's 2 full work weeks for you? Since you said you work saturdays as well..) is just right. Some people will be bitter regardless. Oh well. You already have a new job it sounds like so it's not like you really need the reference. I wouldn't worry.

12 days sounds fine to me. Of course, the NF will feel like that's not enough time but 2 weeks is standard. If they want more notice from their nanny then maybe they should treat her better. Although, you did say that you "messaged" your notice of resignation--do you mean you texted them? Are you sure the reason your NF is angry isn't because you messaged them instead of talking to them face-to-face?