How do I quit a non-contract job?

Hi everyone,

So since july I have been working as a mothers helper during the evenings (5pm-9ish), it's been an ok job, not optimal though. It's ended up being more cooking and cleaning than actual childcare, like I might spend 25mins putting the kiddo to bed and then 4-5 hours cooking, this isn't a problem for me but the kid is difficult and I've been offered better work during the day. We never signed a contract for this current job so i'm wondering how I should go about quitting, what are the common courtesies etc. I'm hoping I could get a good review on the nanny site I use, otherwise I don't really care for keeping contact.



Treat it like any other job. Give notice ( minimum 2 weeks) and let them know you are leaving th position. Thank them and tell them your last day will be -date. Make sure you return any keys, garage door opener, car seats on your last day after you are paid.

If you work every day, 20 hours per week, then I would give her a 30 day notice, if you want a good recommendation. Sounds like she is in need of a Housekeeper and Cook instead of a nanny. Does she work or stay at home all day? I hate these job descriptions as Mom Helper Needed, " which really means mom needs a break and grandma won't do it". I would just tell her now and tell her you have another job and when you need to start the new job. I would also thank her for the opportunity to work there, but make it clear that the job description and duties are Not What You want to do long-term. She needs to advertise for a Cook/housekeeper
who likes kids and can help with baths and bedtime.
Good luck and be real careful when you read an ad for a nanny. So many ads now want nanny to do Everything. When ad states, "Nanny may need to Help With Laundry, light housekeeping, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, errands", etc. she wants it ALL. You will have Very Little Kid Contact and will become her maid. Been there done that one. Nannies are not maids. Good luck and get outta there. miss pat

it was supposed to be 3-4x a week (about 16 hours) but in reality it's been averaging MAYBE 8 hours per week, she'll either cancel one day a week fairly last minute (always less than a week in advance) and sometimes I don't even work 4 full hours, they say i can go before the shift ends but idk if i should be charging for 4 hours then? my new job does, if the mum comes home an hour early from work its been agreed i'll be paid full, which is great. I'm just frustrated as this child i work with throws temper tantrums all the time, doesn't appreciate, likes me when it's convenient but won't hesitate to slam doors in my face and the commute is about 30-40 minutes via transit (mostly just waiting for transit to arrive between transfers).

I feel bad, the mum is really nice, rather scattered, but sweet. the kid is difficult so i understand why she needs the help! She asked me to do a lot of extra shifts as her husband is going hunting in october, so I guess i'll quit after that....idk it's quit or ask for a significant raise, i'm thinking about 15$ per hour (currently being paid 12$ an hour cnd). The thing is i'm not really sure how to ask for one? It's such a personal job, idk how to approach it I guess. Like tonight I made 40$ for ~3 hours....the kid had the worst tantrum, she was red in the face! if someone offered $40 to make dinner, prep snacks, load and unload the dish washer, do the dishes,cpack school lunch box and deal with a brat, idk who would accept that!

thanks for letting me rant guys! it's frustrating, the kiddo can be really sweet just a total brat, especially around her mom, when it's just us she's decently behaved.

I would charge for the time you've agreed to work for her if she isn't using you.

They way you ask is- you explain that you have reserved that time for her... so you are turning down any other paid work that comes your way during those hours. If she doesn't want you to reserve the time but just call you as needed then you are free to say no and book another job.

Personally I think you can find something better.