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Feeling Guilty

This is my first nanny job and I’ve only been working for a month but I absolutely love it! The family is great and understanding, the baby is so loving and adorable, everything about my job is perfect! Unfortunately, my fiancé finally got accepted into a school.. that is six hours away. This is a very big deal for him and I’m super excited that he’s finally starting his career, but this does mean we will have to move in June and I will have to quit my job.

Child is preferring me over mom for everything. Help!

I have been with my current little charge since she was 4 months old. She just turned 2 last month. In the last couple months she has become very bonded to me and literally wants me for everything. If it was just her and I throughout the day, I wouldn’t think twice about it, but Mom works from home most of the time when she doesn’t have appearances. So, she does like to be involved in parts of LC’s day which is completely understandable (helping put her down for nap, come downstairs to see her occasionally, etc).

Birthday Gift for Mom ideas? Help!

I really like my new family. I only had worked for them for two months at Christmas. I got the 18 month old boy a book (from the same author as another book he loves $20 range). I did not get the parents anything. They gave me $100 and my dog (who gets to come to work with me) a water bowl (I brought a simple glass jar to leave at their home for my dog up until then).

The mom’s bday is coming up and I would like to get a small thoughtful (NOT generic!) gift for her ... say in the $20 range ... ideas? Help!

Salary questions help please !

Hello! So I need some recommendations about salary .. I started nannying for this family with two children 3 and 17 months .. I was their private chef originally working twice a week making 6 meals a week. Making $350 per week .

In November they asked me to be their full time nanny and I’m still cooking 4-6 meals a week. And deep cleaning the kitchen twice a week when I cook . I also Bartend events when needed and take care of household items like getting the Applinces fixed and what not .. what is the recommended salary ?

Nanny cam!

I am starting to work for a family who have a toddle 18-months-old. The parents have pointed out that the home is monitored by cameras. Although technically this is not a horrid thing for me; you can avoid all sorts of drama if you are being watched. My question is that, ok, the baby is 18 months old and we will play etc...what about the non-active times, like if he is playing by himself and not interacting with me. I would not like to be "caught" being idle..I mean if I am just watching him play at times. This is a 10 hour job so he will not be out of my sight unless he is napping.

Parent always late!!!

So I’ve been working with this family for about a year and a half now. The parents are divorced so the weeks are split between the Mom and dad’s houses. The mom is super punctual and always texts when she’s going to be a few minutes late. However, the dad will ask me to work late saying he’ll be home at 9:30 and every time he’s done this he has been an hour + late....I am super peeved that he continues to do this and just thinks I can watch the kids forever?! I already nanny them 5 days a week, and I’m feeling used. Any tips on how to address the dad?


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