I am moving to Virginia, so I am looking for nanny jobs down there. Right now I get paid 22 an hour off the books and I have one women asking how much I want to get paid weekly on the books with a one newborn and doing housework and stuff!!

I have no idea what to ask for!!


I don't know the rates in Virginia. If it's close to DC the rates should still be good, but I'd check around nanny groups in va.

I will caution you about agreeing to do any house work with a newborn. That's a recipe for disaster. I'd reconsider if I were you. Nannies should do no adult cleaning /laundry or cooking imo. Unless they really want to and are paid extra. Housecleaning companies charge so much here. One of my nfs pays 190 for 3 hrs of work. If you get paid that, then by all means clean.

Get a good hourly wage, on the books, get at least a week of vacation, some sick leave, pay for a set number of hrs each week regardless of family's circumstances (get it writing that they will pay if they cancel. )
Other benefits are great, but these are my priority benefits.

Good luck!

I would go on care and look at what the going rate is down there.
Also look at rent prices. Are they more or less than what you are paying where you live? That should help you determine if your pay will be more or less than what you get now.

You can also look up nanny tax calculators - that can help you figure out what to ask for - you'll be able to see what you'll make and what you take home.

Always work on the books.

Good luck with your move.