Kid I nanny will start preeschool soon

Hi, i have been with this family for almost 2 years, I nanny 1 kid who is 3 and wilk start preeschool this fall according to parents. They talked to me ahead of time and said they want to keep me but want me to run errands for them while kid is at preeschool since I would be dropping him off, i am sure they dont want to pay me to not do anything. I said yo them that I will think about it. I haven't gotten any raise since I started, and no benefits. I work hourly. The pay is a little under 17 and they have money, great careers, their house is almost 2 million. Also when their family come visit i have to come to work and it can be uncomfortable. Their family came for 1 whole week and some didnt say hi to me. What do you think I should do? I believe is time for me to quit


If you think that it is time for you to move on from this family then I say do it. If you decide to stay and take on the extra tasks while your lo is in preschool then make sure you make a contract stating what you will/won't be doing so they don't take advantage of you.