Hi Fellow Nannies: I have been a FT infant nanny for 10 years. This new family that I started with in August 2017 have an 8 month old beautiful baby. I noticed after 6 months that the dad's office in the hallway, two doors down from the nursery reeks of pot daily. At first, at 7 a.m., on arrival I smelled it at the front door. Then lately it has been in the hallway next to the nursery. I always go in and get the baby around 7:30, as she is asleep at 7 a.m. when I arrive. One day, last week, I sat on his pipe he left in the rocker in the living room where baby plays and we hang out all day. This guy is just blatant with it. When his sister-in-law spent the weekend, he did it down in the basement, so you could not
smell it. The sad thing is this guy is a Nurse! Bachelors degree in nursing. Plus he works 2-3 days in construction helping his dad and brother rehab old buildings in the city that he rents out as rentals when they are rehabbed. This guy has a masters degree also. Over the Christmas holidays he worked very little in nursing and stated everybody wanted the hours. Now he is working days and nights. He really low balled my salary and only wants 4 days instead of 5 days, which is what I normally work. He changed my work schedule of days, twice this month. So, when he asked me to come in on my Day Off Friday, I had already scheduled a night job for Friday and would not take it. It just seems he is so unorganized. His house is old and not finished. The wife wrote a list of necessary things that needed fixed and repaired last summer and he Never Did any of them. The house is half rehabbed. The only thing that is done are the bedrooms and the living room. The yard is a disaster. I have mentioned the baby is ready to crawl and who is putting up baby gates at the basement stairs? No rush from him! They leave their clothes everywhere daily, a pile each day, where ever they drop them at night, coffee cups, water bottles, and the beds are Never Made, trash piled up. I cannot work in a dirty kitchen and sometimes the night pizza is left out on the stove, trash piled up. I have to clean this up to make baby bottles. The mother of the baby is very cute, petite and nice and I just feel she deserves More! When she is home at 7 a.m. and he is gone, I never smell the pot, so it must be him Alone. I like her and the baby is great, but the dad and this work environment is awful!
Have any of you nannies ever worked in a home like this? I'm waiting for a cop to show up one day. I suppose they did not run a drug test on him 5 years ago when he was hired at this hospital. I really need this job but man I will never work in this condition again! On my next interview for my next job do I ask about drugs, cleanliness, etc. What would you do??? miss pat


All I have to say is some parents smoke weed and don't care if caregivers know. I have a “friend” more like associate who smokes pot. She told me the parents she works for smoke pot and leaves her weed to smoke while working. Some people are like that unfortunately and it seems like you dont agree with that so i would leave if I were you. I dont feel comfortable when people I work for are smoking weed or drinking. It’s not professional to me. People wouldnt do that in a office, so I dont expect it in a home im working in. Im a professional, so i expect the environment to be the same. Sometimes its not.