Finally had the courage to quit my 5 years many job!!!

After 5 years I finally quit my job. After they found out they went crazy, My boss made her soon to be ex-husband call me, and when that didnt work she made her Mother call me. Her mother then offered me 35$ an hr LOL or I could name any price to stay with him. Now what upsets me, why didnt they do that when i was working nicely, and asking for more money? Why did they wait until I no longer wanted to be there to offer me more? Yesterday my boss started crying, and then she says " I wish you had communicated with me about your leave so that we could work something out, because i leave for a conference for 3 days and on one of those days his dad won't be around so hell have no one he knows. She then asked me if there was anyway I could ask my new boss if i could get that one day off to be with her child LOL" I finally created the courage to say "Don't count on it".
Lets just say she's pretty mad and that she has lost complete control over me!!!
It feels so good to be able to be appreciated!


Yeah, I have had that asked of me once. It just seems like most working moms or dads just don't get it. I gave my notice to my two day family when I got tired of working for two families back to back. I would work 8 hours on a Tuesday while dad sat at home on call with us, ugh!, 14 hours on a Thursday until 9 p.m., then doubled back at 7:30 a.m. with my second family on Friday. All for $13 an hour. When I had had it with working in a house for 14 hours that smelled like a dog kennel and a kid who would not eat, it was just too much. I gave her my notice and she then offered me $15 an hour, after one year, thinking I would stay! The other mom in this nanny share, tried to not pay me for her 4 vacations the first year. She got 4 weeks paid vacation and would take Friday and Mondays off in these vacation weeks and not want to pay me. I figured I would have lost over $1,000 in pay! The first vacation I figured well okay one week off, then noticed she kept doing this throughout the year. Oh hell no. However, they were very clean, neat, and organized. I congratulated her on that as she knew I have worked for a long time and for many families. They were both business majors and very smart but I thought it was really shifty to cheat a nanny of pay and to do it so sneaky. I have a contract now with all my needs and holiday/vacations paid. They use us as a tax write off and I pay my own taxes, not them. We have to get our ducks in a row and be organized when interviewing with a family, because they are and they know what they will pay and what their lifestyles are, not us. Good for you with standing up for yourself and moving on.
Keep in touch and Good Luck. miss pat

I know how you’re feeling.

Although, the day I resign I’d like to say ‘**** you and your arrogant ways’. I do so much for her kids and the family business. she doesn’t appreciate one bit.