Parents aren’t close to their nanny

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a nanny for nearly four years. Luckily, I’ve had great communication and relationships with the all the families. So close to one, I could ask her for anything till this day. The new family I nanny for, I sometimes feel awkward or that they don’t express their excitement that I’m there. Even though, everything is okay. I’m always feeling like they aren’t thrilled to have me there. For example, we make small talk but only talk about what the kids need to eat that day or chores Or if I text the parents something they will hardly reply. One time I sent a picture of the kids, and I never got a reply so I no longer send anything (idk if that makes them uncomfortable) so when I communicate something the mother never replies to me, the only communication I get it with the father. I’m not sure if anyone is had expierences like this.


They are keeping it professinal. They might be anti social people. No need to be alarmed. You are an employee not a family member or close friend. I actually think keeping it professinal is better in the long run because it promotes healthy boundaries.

The family I work for is the same way. They are nice but keep it professional. I'm an employee and I'm fine with it. Every family is different. The last family I worked for treated me like family and still do. They invited me to all of the kids' parties,dinners,celebrations,etc. I liked that too because it showed how much I was appreciated. Don't worry! All families are different!