I’m pregnant, got let go

Hello all. So I am pregnant I am currently nannying. I nannied for the same family 2 years ago with their first born, left for about a years when he started school and I’ve been with them now since August. They knew I was pregnant from the beginning. I even told them if they didn’t want me I understood. They decided they wanted to keep me and we signed a contract stating that my last day would be March 2nd.

I haven’t had any complications in my pregnancy. Last week I got a stomach bug and a sinus infection. I was having the same symptoms their baby had last week so I’m pretty sure I caught it from her. I took 2 days off to get well. They had family come and take care of the baby. Well, yesterday they told me that next Friday will be my last day; 2 weeks earlier than what we had agreed on. Thinks causing a financial burden for me as I was really relying on this money to save for my baby’s needs.

When they let me go the mom said:
1.) it was really hard for us to cover you the days you couldn’t be here. We don’t have much backup and we don’t want to send her to daycare. It was hard for her grandma to get here.

2.) we are worried about your health and well being. We are concerned that you will get sick during your commute. (I live in NYC & sometimes take the subway but I mostly drive which they know.)

3.) we found another nanny and we really don’t want to lose her.

I am honestly so hurt and I can’t stop crying. I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I am super healthy and feel great. My ability to work hasn’t changed.

Well I get here to their apartment today and they are home with the sick toddler. They didn’t inform me that he is sick or that they would be home all day. Aren’t they concerned about my health? He is running a high fever and really just looks sickly.

When I asked what was wrong they said he is fine and his fever isn’t even that bad and he would be in their room with them all day.

I’m so hurt. I’m upset that they are letting me go early and I’m upset that they used concern about my health as an excuse because if they really cared I wouldn’t be here today.

They told me they will give me one week of pay extra as a present. It’s not technically a present because they owe me those 2 weeks of pay. The mom even cried to me telling me how they are having financial issues. I’m so at a loss and hormonal. I need advice as to what to do.


I'm sorry this happened to you. Some parents make decisions only about their family. I would tell them that they should pay severance if they want to let you go early. You're entitled to sick days. Pregnant or not. I'm pregnant. I nanny full time. And nannied with my son as well.

If they won't pay severance, apply for unemployment. Hopefully you were paid on the books

So it sounds like the toddler is getting everyone sick including You. Parents will be sick next. Sickness goes along with being a nanny! What she said was just ignorant. I have had families Not Tell me at All that the kid was sick all weekend and running a temp, when I showed up for work on a Monday. His sibling was vomiting! Great. Then a week later I felt sick and the mom said, Oh, you'll be okay. Yeah, right. I quit that family at the end of the contract! When she pays you, I would mention, by the way you owe me for Two Weeks because You broke the contract early and Your kid got me Sick. What do you have to lose? She already replaced you. Right? miss pat