Quitting my nanny job after 5 years!!

I work for a family for about 5 years now, Ive been there since baby was about 1 month old. I raised him up to now.
I love this little one as if he was my own so for me this decision is extremely hard.
I am now married and living where I live it is extremely expensive to live, Bay area is expensive. I get paid 19$ an hour currently and barely work 23 hours per week, not counting that sometimes i lose my thursday afternoon due to the child being with family member. Ive tried multiple times to ask for more money and or more hours and as the situation changed in the household I'm always told that they can't provide me with more. In which i should be getting paid more than that which is a FACT! I do pretty much everything in the house, Im a mom, a wife, a maid and etc.... I love this little guy but i need to survive, pay bills and finish school and the way that this is going i can't do any of it at all.
Also, due to his parents separating or maybe not being that, he has become extremely aggressive, will hit, will scream at me and call me names, which honestly the names i can deal with by ignoring him. Parents don't do much to discipline the child other than do therapy with him. Last week i got spat at and punched by this 5 year old.
Not counting that every time I'm sick i still have to come into work because they refuse to let me stay home to get better.
I wrote a letter of resignation explain how sad i was to have to move on to a different position that will allow me to grow.

Do you think its wrong of me? Because every time I ever told her that I needed more money or that I wanted to get a second job in the morning so i needed the morning off she has "cried" and said that she thought "our relationship" was more than just "for money"

please tell me if I'm doing the wrong thing? At this pay i can barely pay for a box of tampons.



If she respected you and truely cared for you she would understand that what she is giving you compensation wise is not enough. You need to be able to live, like you said. Any sensible person would understand that. You did the right thing and that should be empowering. You deserve more and you need to grow! Be confident in your decision and use this family as a learning experience.

NO WAY! quit now. you shouldn't have even given a letter in all honesty. I get that you've been with them for a long time but you have a life outside of their family and you're not a part of theirs (although some nannies like to feel that way, i mean you have a child to raise) so she shouldn't be saying things like "i thought our relationship was more than money" She's trying to guilt you into working for her because she knows she's paying cheap and no one would probably accept that little. Move on, she isn't the only family needing child care! good luck to you!

Its crazy how after they lose you thats when they knew what they had. Offered me a crazy amount of money to stay and I denied it. Thank you for the support