Taken too far

When I first started, I didn't do much cleaning, this was a year ago. Slowly she started creeping dishes, laundry, and vacuuming. Today she took the child and said just do the regular cleaning up today, pretty much what her regular maids do, but I know she's not going to pay me the same amount.

So here I am no child and cleaning their house. What do I say about this


Oh gosh! I would say it’s time to have a frank conversation about what cleaning you will do as part of your nanny duties, and kindly say that if you are to clean beyond that, you will need extra compensation. Do you have a nanny contract stating what cleaning was expected?

You need to have a talk with your employer about this. If she expects you to do house cleaning beyond cleaning up after the kids or doing a load of laundry if you have time, it needs to be written into a contract. If you don't have a written contract she needs to write one up for you and compensate you for what you are doing. it sounds like she's taking advantage. Your primary responsibility should be the kids. If she wants alot of additional housekeeping she should be paying you for it.