Terrible twos?!?

Hi there. I just started nannying for this family about a week ago. I've been nannying/babysitting for about14 years now and have always have a pleasant experience. This is not the case. I am the nanny of a newly 2 year old boy who throws multiple tantrums/ meltdowns several times a day. I worked really hard to get this position(not knowing how bad he is) and I really like the mom but I just don't know how/ if I can do this. I cried the whole car ride home today. Any advice?!? I don't wanna let the family down but it is miserable. Maybe I'm just not cut out for it?


I love the excuse that parents always say, "Oh its just the terrible twos"....and then it becomes, "terrible threes...terrible fours..."...etc. I have seen so many parents say this. I think from what I can read, the kid is spoiled. Yes, little toddlers can be difficult, but throwing 'multiple' tantrums and meltdowns is just something for attention and use to being spoiled. Have you seen this child do this in front of the mother? What does the mother say or do? Usually you can tell from that if the kid is spoiled. Maybe the kid has a disability you are not being told. Often times, kids that young cannot express what they want/need if if its not being spoiled. Let me tell you that I experience those tantrums when I am shopping in Target...it makes for a horrible shopping experience. LOL. I feel bad for you. You should not be crying...i feel really bad. Its not you dear! I've experienced this in the school systems as a teacher, day care centers and even when I taught dance! Do you talk to the child while he is having a meltdown? You could always try telling the 2 year old, "When you are doing throwing a fit, then we can talk."....or just say, "Sorry I can't understand you, could you please try using your words?"...Those kind of fits need to be stopped soon! I've seen a parent that I work for, send the kid right to his room even as young as 2. When he calmed down, no crying and was calm, he was able to come out of his room. Maybe try talking to the parent. I wouldn't say you aren't cut out for it....to me it sounds like jealousy or being spoiled.

I hope things get better. Be strong!!

Any job that makes you cry isn't worth it. The family needs to set up discipline and accountability. Terrible kids grow up to be terrible adults . It's not your problem so don't feel bad .

Ughhh. I hear ya. In a similar situation myself. I think you should speak to the mom - if you have a good relationship it will make it easier. Ask if this is typical behaviour of him and how she handles it. It could also be a transition period. He may be testing you and your boundaries. You need to stay strong and firm, but it could take a while. You can do this!