Please Help

I have been working with a family of 3 kiddos for 8 months. 9 year old twin boys and a 4 year old. They all attend school but the 4 year old goes 9-1:30 everyday. I work from 6:30am to 3pm on Wed and Fri. I work a split from 6:30-10am then 3-6:30-7pm on Tue/Thu to Help with homework or watch the 4 y/o while she’s helping them homework.

I’m off every Monday. When they are at school, I cook twice a week or so, do laundry and clean the kitchen. They have maids every other week. I need to save money so I’m moving in with them the end of this month. I will have my own room and bathroom. The bathroom is across the hall instead of in the room. The bedroom has a TV and premium cable. I don’t have to pay extra for anything while I stay with them, including food, but she wants to talk tomorrow about working extra hours in exchange. She mentioned possibly Monday mornings only from 6:30-9am to get the kids up and out in the morning but that’s it and working 2 nights on the weekend. What would you agree to?


Unfortunately, you need to save money and your boss knows your situation. But in my opinion, she should be happy having you punctually each morning. She shouldn't request extra work in exchange for shelter. Having a nanny sleeping at work is the equivalent of the nanny not having to pay for rent. You both benefit, not only yourself. You are not charging extra for dedicating them your nanny presence and flexibility. That is my opinion. Please do not become their slave, that is the reason why nannies like me suffer from demanding domestic employers because many other simply submit to situations like this for the need of money. I hope you will like it. I would not. They should respect your personal time and shower you with bonuses and gifts, not taking away your freedom.