Nanny Cam Headache

I am full-time nanny . I have three families I have the one Jewish family where I watch there 1.5 year old twins . A social person I love lunch dates with kiddos picnics and ect. I'm not allowed to fee dthem anything not even kosher organic food I can't feed them at all. Meaning when it's time for me to eat I have to eat hiding from both twins so I won't tease them by not sharing. They pay me about 300 dollars a week and they are paying me during Passover while they will be out of town. In total they have 5 kids but I only watch the twins. Recently the 2 nanny cams have started to make me very uncomfortable. I don't have anything to hide and I was all for it upon bring hired. I was babysitting triplets and and emotionally pregnant unstable mother stayed home with me as well so I was desperate for something new. Now I find myself feeling on edge . They tell me I can eat out of fridge buy can't use appliances or certain sink. Also there is a huge beaning camera at the fridge which makes me even more uncomfortable. I feel like I want to leave them. This morning I get to work and the door to the playroom ( which also has camera was locked ) I didn't know if that meant stay out of what but I'm pretty sure the camera has something to do with it. I'm just confused and need advice on if I should leave or stay. I feel like if I bring up the cameras it would make me look like I'm up to no good. I hate feeling micromanaged like a child.


I feel really bad for you. It stinks you cannot eat certain foods (non-kosher) in front of them or can't at all. I think you should be able to eat what you want to. If the kids do not have allergies, why should you be stopped to have what you want. Its not like you are holding food up in front of them dangling it like you are teasing them. The twins are 1.5 years old as you stated, do they really know what you are eating at that age?! I don't know, it just seems odd to me. I will say, after working in schools systems as a teacher, these parents will have a very hard time in public schools. No teacher is going to watch these kids telling them what they can or cannot eat during school. Schools throw parties all the time in the classroom with food, candy, cupcakes, etc you name it. Not everything is going to be kosher. For me if I was in this situation, I would have a talk with the parents. Its not fair for you to sacrifice your need for foods because they are kosher. Its not like someone has a nut allergy (I do and its horrible! Had many people refuse to hire me because I am allergic to nuts! Crazy). Everyone needs to feel comfortable. If the kids can only have kosher foods, fine, but that should not stop you. I'm not trying to diss people who only eat kosher foods or anything.

I too, get nervous with cameras! They freak me out honestly. I work for a lot of families, but the main family I work for (yes the ones I've posted about the crazy ones!), they are the ONLY family that has cameras set-up INSIDE & OUTSIDE of the house....even the garage, the unfinished basement, every single entire room and hallway inside and outside of the house (even the deck!) has cameras and motion sensors. Its very uncomfortable for one. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a camera hidden in the bathrooms! Anyhow....its honestly sad people have to install nanny cameras or any time of cameras. My father use to work with a very high security clearance and well I've heard of some horror stories with people having cameras set-up in their homes. I've read stories about how people in other countries/people who you don't want to be seeing things tap into cameras. Not to scare anyone....but there have been many stories where a mother installs cameras or nanny cameras/baby monitors with cameras in rooms, and people sit there from some other country or state and can tap into them, hear and watch everything. So this leads me to believe this is part of a privacy and security issue. Even those new doorbell camera talk things, people can tap into. Maybe bring this up? I also feel constricted in a house with cameras...its like you are being watched by the parents 24/7.

Anyhow, best thing to do is to start looking for a new job (I need to take my own advice here LOL) if you are that uncomfortable but also approach the parents and let them know. Don't hide to eat, they are only a year old those twins, its not like they know what food is what!

Good luck! :)

I understand that nanny cams can be useful and actually help a nanny but for me, I wouldn't be into them either. I have anxiety and knowing I'm being watched (or not) while at work would stress me out constantly. I'm more fun and more present with the kids when I know I can be myself. With that being said I would just ask them about the playroom being locked. Be upfront with communication. You don't have to mention the cameras. Just say "I noticed the playroom door is locked. Are we allowed in there today?" I've noticed that when I express what I want/need to my NF I become much more satisfied with my job. Another thing is ylu are also very, very underpaid.

I would say that if you aren’t comfortable then definitely find a new position, its not worth it for you to be stressed about it and they need to either find someone who can handle to cameras or they will have to figure out that no one wants that kind of invasion in their life with kids involved.

I work somewhere too where they have two nanny cameras. In both the main rooms. It makes me kinda upset too. Like I get it to an extent but if they don't really trust their childcare provider, what's the point? I too am feeling conflicted about staying with this family. It's tough :/. I wish you the best of luck, and in the end you just have to go with your gut and do what you feel is best for you. Weigh the pros and cons