Sittercity & care website problems!

Hey there! Sadly there's been a lot of bad things happening. I was first on Sittercity and care when those sites were brand new. Both websites have been big problems. They delete your account if you call in and complain about a bad experience with a parent(s)/families you have worked for or interviewed with. Its really weird! I called in yesterday to complain about a parent to Sittercity who was previously on who don't even have kids! These people said they had a 9 year old daughter and I meet with them multiple times in public and then went to their house one time and all they were looking for was sex and said they would "pay me for sex". Well, I gave great detail to about what happened and said these people were using a picture of a neighbors kid and saying they had that child and told them about the sex stuff the parents said to me....well, instead of those people getting deleted off of sittercity, I was deleted off!!!! I called back and let them know that person I did speak to promised me my profile would not be deleted. They accused me of having "other emails" and said my name was "Tony" and that I was a "guy/male". I was like huh?! I asked to speak to the supervisor and they said no and hung up. What the heck?

Then, yesterday a family member decided to make a yahoo account and used my phone number on the account. She joined sittercity yesterday, replied to that same persons ad (the people who don't have a kid and wanted sex) and they replied back blabbing on about needing a sitter and etc.....then her sittercity account got deleted by sittercity and now her yahoo account is disabled! I couldn't even log on! I tried to call yahoo and tell them what was going on since the account was used with my phone number and they kept hanging up on me and making excuses!! So now, my family member--her yahoo account is disabled/deleted and was deleted from sittercity.

I have run into so many people on both sittercity & care that don't have children, or have children and have bad backgrounds. I even got "punched" by a father! Hence, the mom said they were "separated" and he showed up at the door and I had no idea who he was and he punched me. Anyhow! Lots of weird people on these sites....even people living in motels lying saying they are just here for a short vacation and truthfully, they aren't. Back when the sites first opened, it wasn't that bad. Now, its just a complete mess! I am very frightened that sittercity is going to call the police on me and my family. We have done nothing wrong and neither of us have any records! This is just so weird. I've read a lot of compliments with similar issues from other people. Other nannies are stating that these websites are 'fake' and 'scams' and not real people.

Anyone else had bad experiences???? I'm very worried someone is gonna come after us. I don't know why they do not screen the parents, but they screen us sitters only!

Yes, I've done a lot of ranting! I just want to quit working as a nanny for the current family...showed up today at their house & the parent was shooting up with drugs in a needle and a bunch of other people were shooting up drugs in their arm and drinking. It was the worst morning ever!




Look, you can keep writing about the outrageous behavior of parents who don't respect your profession, but it isn't going anywhere for you, is it?. I've read 4-5 situations and scenarios you've been in on the front pages of this site, and all of them are reasons to resign. Are you asking for permission or validation to leave? Use your gut and common sense and go. Get out of the profession altogether for the time being if you can't find reasonable, responsible, sane, courteous and appreciate parents. Go to retail, supermarket work. Be a real housecleaner and set the proper rates for that work. Walk dogs. Wait tables. Do ANYTHING else.

What you just wrote about the parents with the needles--you are a mandated reporter. You want advice here? As the mandated reporter you are LEGALLY OBLIGED to report this NOW. Like as soon as you read this, get on the phone and call CPS. NOW. YOU are legally liable if anything happens to those kids and you witnessed the parents creating a hazardous situation for the kids. Parents shooting up counts. This isn't a "maybe...I dunno, people suck LOL " kind of thing to mull over, roll your eyes about, rant to online friends, and get on with the continued disrespect. GET OUT. GET OUT. GET OUT.

Oh, and call the police and make a report on the household that tried to solicit you for sex using a neighbors photo of their child. Geezus.

I have been working with children for over 23 years. I never ran into these issues when I first started working. Families were kind and generous. Seems in todays world, anything can happen. You can't get a job in retail or a restaurant unless you are a teenager. They don't want to pay higher than the $7.25. I've heard of jobs at local restaurants who only pay $2/hr plus tips. Even my esthetician doesn't make good money and she works at Ulta! My brother had a degree for being a pilot and could not even find work in the DC area. Its not just me, everything is going downhill.

The capitalized letters makes it look like you are yelling. Not being rude here.

Thank you for the comment. Yes, I have talked to the police and a lawyer. The police don't care. They simply said, "Oh well, we can't do anything.".

having same issue with care. considering joining a nanny agency but afraid it will be overbearing, had fake job offers on care giving fake checks , had to quit almost 4 jobs in a row,, loosing my love of care giving with this drama

simmular issues fake people jobs checks, quitting 3 and maybe my fourth job in a row, domestic violence , emotional abuse, working off the clock, late paychecks , underpayments, sorry, I'm considering going agency only from now on an leaving my two current positions

Every all cap word were deliberately implying shouting. As in "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE, GET OUT".

The shooting up narcotics was ignored by police? Did you escalate both the sitter city issue (and if you are aware of that the child is not the baiting couple's own, but a neighbor's--you did in fact get in touch with that parent too, right? ) and also report to CPS on your last day, which because surely you're not still in a home where that's going on. Quitting under those conditions are eligible for unemployment benefits. I stand by what I wrote, regardless of low paying alternatives and even over the state your own personal stability -it's unacceptable.

I stopped using care and sitter city because of the weirdos! One lady wanted to meet me at a shady hotel and watch her kids while she worked. I met a guy at his apartment complex with his daughter. He didnt choose me but he was talking about weed and partying lol. Anywho a few weeks later he called me and texted me that he wanted to hook up and me be his girlfriend lol