Nanny Trail and for how long?

Greetings Nanny's
I am an Older Mature Arts Educator deciding to Nanny PT for extra income. I have worked with children teaching art for years and even a long history of Baby Sitting in General.
The world of being a Nanny is new to me and a bit baffled at the moment with one Family asking for a few Trail Runs.
I do understand Parents wanting the best for their kids yet at the same time, not wasting my time. Also letting me be with Child one on one long enough to see if Child is comfortable & relaxed with me to see if a good fit understandable.
Would Appreciate hearing from you all being a Trail Nanny and for how long?
The Parents looking for a PT Nanny 3 days a week~ from 8 am til 5 or 6 pm. I responded to their request since available for days & times. I would basically be with a 1 1/2 yr old the duration of the day and 4 yr old the last 2 hrs of the day.
I went to interview and they told me they had a long term nanny( found out only 2 yrs or so) and that previous Nanny of only a few months was stealing or using their credit card fraudulently. So understand them being cautious no doubt.
They know I am a long time resident of Community, Older and Mature. They have spoken to my references about me already.
They have had me come to home at least 3 times but not long duration's of a full day but at least 4 hours. I have gone to 2 child play times one at Gym with Parent present and one at Play Group and being in the home while at least one Parent there as well.

Both are writers, were Dad comes in and out and the Mom leaves to teach classes at a College in the next state out side of NYC 2 to 3 days a week.
I was scheduled to be with 1 1/2 yr old Child Dec. 14th for another Trail of 11 to 5 pm and got a day before text from Parent saying they are cancelling due to taking Kids to where they are teaching in other State instead.
Wow I am baffled because I set time aside to schedule that day and yes not being hired can't claim to pay me time lost by it being a trail still.
My question is to you all how long to you Trail as Nanny? Do You Up Front say if you Book me for dates/times and cancel I still need to be paid or a portion?
At this point they changes times up I am thinking they will even do this with being a Nanny sure if so will say I still need to be paid for my time in a Nanny agreement if not will not take job to begin with.
Just in General want to know how many of You work out being a Trail Nanny and creating boundaries around such, so no time is wasted.
Thanks for any input!


Hello, working into my position I was always paid for my time accordingly. The children I watch had a nanny before me. She was going back to school and could not work full time for my NF anymore. I never met her but my MB did mention that I could shadow her previous nanny for a day to see how things were done. I declined and looking back that was a dumb decision on my part but you live and learn. I spent 4 days with the children "working in" or trailing as you put it before my first full day of work on my own. My phone interview, in person interview, and my working interview were all scheduled and I was not compensated for obvious reasons. If they do cancel on you often and you suspect they will not compensate you for your time then that is not a good position to be in. You need garenteed hours as you are not "on call" my advice would be to throughly talk to the NPs about your pay and hours, what you expect, what they expect, and how you will deal with last minute cancellations.

That happened to me once where parents cancelled a day before buy they offered me a compensation. I believe we have to speak up since the begginning

Thanks Elizabeth & mariposam for your input. Yup lesson learned for now on when Parents ask for Nanny Trails make clear that if I am booked for my time that I am compensated if they cancel even within 24 hrs, since hard to find other work w/ such short notice. Yes if entering into a future Nanny agreement know to mention I need a Guarantee of a Minimum set hrs weekly, even if Parents change up times for days set, employment is employment and if they want to keep a Good Nanny they have to pay accordingly! Thanks Again & Happy Holiday~ Darla :)

I have been a FT infant and toddler nanny for 10 years, and a infant daycare Lead teacher prior to that for 7 years, caring for 4 babies and managing the room of 12 babies, so I do not need to trail. I worked and helped out a grandma this past summer, caring for 2 and 4 year-old boys, she was paranoid and could not run and chase the boys around the house. Bad sign. We became friends, but she paid me $15 an hour cash, the boys were your typical hyper toddlers. What got me was working with all 3 in the same small house. When she cut my hours during summer preschool vacation, that was it for me. She failed to tell me the hours would be cut in June when I started in February FT. I was looking for FT work anyway, so it was not a Permanent Job for me. I was looking for a NB nanny family, not 35 lb. toddlers. In answer to How Long you trail? ONE DAY WITH PAY. You are being used as a temp. on-call nanny while they look for another or search their other childcare options.
TLC Nanny Placement service told me that no trials OR TRAIL go unpaid. Do not work "on call" unless you are paid $3.00 more per hour for on call pay. Also, you need Guaranteed Hours per week! Please dump these users and find a PT or FT Permanent Job. We all need dependable pay every week! You deserve better than this. Good luck miss pat

My rule is that I do 5 hours unpaid trail time, and then they are to pay me for further trails.

I don't do any unpaid work . Even if it's 1 hour, I expect pay. So having trial days without pay would not fly with me.

Tell them your hourly rate. Plus tell them that you expect payment for cancellation

Requests for you to work for free for any amount of time is a boundary test. Allowing that sets the precedent that you can be exploited to their advantage in a variety of ways. Don't do it.

Thanks for all Your Input about the subject. Just so You all know~ YES I was paid for Nanny Trails and did not do for free. I was just seeking clarity for how long to do such.
Learned my lesson to not prolong such type of a Nanny trail.