Nanny help

I work for a family where the husband works 16 hours a day and the wife works 9 I work about 14 hours a day. When the wife comes home she’s supposed to help but she doesn’t do much. And even on her days off I do majority if not all the work when it comes to taking care of the kids. I only have 4 days off each month (every other weekend) and I get paid $480 a month on top of room and board. I feel like Im being overworked but every time I say something I’m told maybe they should put the kids in daycare which would put me out of a job. I need help. I love it here but I feel like I don’t make enough money and I don’t get as much time to myself as I need so I burn out often.


Hi Kiearria,

Sounds like you might need to either have a talk with the parents or find a new job. Even though you are living with them, they still only pay $480? That would be hardly enough money to cover my cell phone bill, car, car insurance and other things (buying clothes, everyday items & etc). Sounds like they are taking advantage of you because you live there. If the parents come home, I believe then your day should be done. It would be like any other live-out nanny job. Also, if she has days off, then she should be taking care of her own children, not you. Sounds like they are really using you. I would never do a live-in option, but that is just me. I like my space and when I'm done with work I know I can go home. Please don't let them take advantage of you. If either or both parents are home, then they should be taking care of their own children. I have seen other nannies in the same position.

I wish you the best of luck! Hopefully you are not too down on Christmas. Curious, did they give you a bonus, time off w/ pay, or a gift for Christmas? I'm guessing the kids aren't in school, are you getting time off? :)

Your wage is illegal. Live-ins must still be paid min wage. You're basically making a dollar an hour. Or 1.50 per hour. That's not legal. You need to quit asap!

Check out apartments for rent in your families area, even a studio apart-
ment would work for you. Figure rent, your food, laundry expense and gas to travel back and forth and you will know how much you will need in income. You are working way too many hours. You do need a start and stop time of your day. All nannies need to get out of the job or house, and it sounds like you never get a break, unless you are asleep. This sounds like slavery, sorry, for $480 a week? I would start looking for another job and if you have to live-in, then get a contract with set hours and set quitting time, days off, weekend off, holidays off with pay, etc. I need $600.00 a week and work 40 hours per week, live out, work 4 days,
7 a.m.-5 p.m., no weekends, no holidays. It sounds like mom is a bully and threatening you with daycare versus a nanny. Let her do it, but find a new job and new family quick. miss pat

They should be ashamed of themselves. They are underpaying you by so much it’s ridiculous! Personally I wouldn’t even go through the hassle of trying to renegotiate because if they treat you like that I doubt they’ll give you a fair deal. But if you want to continue to try I say at least Start looking for another job and maybe find someone online or wherever that’s looking for a roommate until you can get your own place(you don’t want them to try to put you out before you’re ready-although that might be illegal for them to do-).when you start to have some prospects start renegotiating and tell the you need at least $15/hr or whatever you’re comfortable with. And that if the choose to put them in daycare they’ll be paying WAAAY MORE than $480/month. If they’re jerks about it just give notice and move on.

Working at the Federal Minimum Wage ($7.25) at 14 hours a day is $101.50
that rate x a 30 day month minus 4 days off----------------------->$2639.00

I don't know what the rent goes for in your area, and yeah...I know that you're likely not going to be working those hours at a entry level retail job at the lowest possible legal rate , so let's cut that to 32 hours a week for about a month: about $1044, pre tax.
If you supplemented those hours with another part time job possibly considerably more, say an extra 10 hours a week: that would be an additional $326.25 a month.
So with this minimum you would have $1370.25 gross. No not a lot. But doesn't it outweigh being an indentured servant for room and board? Surely you could rent a room somewhere?

I see this so often on this site, not to victim blame (and yeah that's when someone then goes on to victim blame) but why did you accept such underpayment? Did you have so little confidence and self work for your labor? Did you feel unworthy? Or are you in a dire situation (like being an undocumented immigrant and the parents are taking an evil, unfair advantage of you?) and honestly don't know a way out? Is it your love of kids? Do you think doing what you love means you shouldn't be paid well?

I hope you are in a situation where you can advocate for yourself and take the steps to get to a better financial place in future employment. Remember, I just ran the most minimal legal rates, you may be able to get much more for other work. Nannying and babysitting should not be minimum wage--it has both learned and innate skills that are far more valuable than even the legal minimum. There's always cheap, petty people who will try to get away with paying as little as they can get away with. There is daycare for those who cannot afford a nanny's services. You should not be subsidizing their financial burden. That's where your boundaries should be. For agreeing to that you won't get their appreciation and respect. It has the opposite effect. They think of you as a low value person (despite being responsible for their most precious possession) and a sucker. It lowers your options and makes you beholden to them, setting up a cycle of dependency and exploitation. Find another job, then report them for (I'm guessing here) not paying taxes (let me guess, they are calling you an independent contractor or self employed, right? THAT'S NOT LEGAL) and underpaying you. They owe you and the government money. Yes---you will owe taxes but you can work that out with the IRS with a payment plan. You are working for an exploitation rate. You have nothing to gain staying here.