Am I being underpaid?

I’ve been working with this family for almost 2 years now, Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm. When I first started with them they only had a 2 month old boy and mom was going back to work. They started paying me 250 a week/ 50 a day. They lived in a very small town (I live there too) and nany rates are super low. My duties were of course watching the kid, light housekeeping (sweeping, mopping, dishwasher, countertops). 4 months later they moved to the city which is 30 minutes from where I live and they used to live. House is 3 times bigger than the other. They never gave me a raise because I was driving more or cleaning a bigger house. When the baby turned 7-8 months the grandma wanted a day with him so I stopped watching him on Thursdays, during that free time I found a part time job good pay and also benefits but the job was Thursday, Friday, Saturday so I asked them if ir was ok if grandma watched the baby thu and Friday and they said yes. 2-3 weeks after I wasn’t really happy with the part time job and I talked to the mom (they’re both super nice and young) about my concerns with the new job and she said they she was willing to pay me more to keep me so I could leave the PT job. I agreed and they started paying me 300 week, that makes it 60 dollars a day.

2 months ago the had another baby, and mom is back to work this week. I talked to her about me getting paid more since I’m gonna be watching two kids, and she said “oh.. I honestly didn’t think about it, is it because you’re watching 2 now?” And I said yes. That’s how it is, you charge different or more for more kids and she went like oh yeah it makes sense. I told her I was thinking about 80 for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 60 Tuesday and 50 for Thursdays.

Here’s is why:

Older kid goes to school Tuesday and Thursdays. 9-2 pm drop/pick up on Tuesdays and Thursdays only drop off and grandmother pick him up. I do drop and pick up with my own car, they don’t pay me gas, but school is less than a block from home anyways. So I thought it was fair charging them 60 for Tuesday’s since the baby spents some time a time at home after school. And 50 in Thursdays because I only take him to school and the rest of the day I’m with the 2 month old. The full week was 350. She said
“ I don’t want you to feel like we don’t appreciate you, I’m gonna talk with my husband thank you”

I came this morning and she said that her and her husband talk about it and they’re willing to pay 330 a week which is 66 a day (6 dollars more) and when the baby gets older And Is moving around like crawling they’ll pay me 350 a week. I think it’s unfair but this is my first job as a nany and I do like it, but I think I’m being underpaid and they’re taking advantage of me.

My duties:

Clean bathrooms once a week
Take trash out
Keep the house clean
Sometimes I make their bed when they live too early and don’t have time to do so
Clean countertops
CLean kitchen
Cooking for the older kid
Take kid to school and pick him up (I take the 2month old with me)
Sweep and mop

What dot y’all think?


This isn't okay at all. What's minimum wage where you live? Minimum is low but is a decent flat rate to start with. This is just for child related duties. Any sort of house work, errands etc that don't pertain to the children are not a nannies duties. However many nannies take on these extra duties BUT you must be paid extra for this. I'm not sure of your past nanny work but now that you have been with them for two years you are considered an experienced nanny. Your pay should reflect that. I'd print out nanny laws for your area and go from there. If they aren't willing to pay you at least minimum start looking for another job. Once you've secured one give your two weeks notice and move on :)

Ask to be paid at least minimum wage for your hours.
But no for all the chores you are doing sorry it's not even close to what you should be making. And a 50 minute commute? No

I get paid $450 a week, this is my first nanny job for one three year old boy. I do no house chores except for pick up after the kid. The hours are Monday-Friday 8-5. He goes to preschool mon, wed, fri for 2 1/2 hours.