Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I am currently nannying for 3 year old twins and an 8 year old. I make $65 dollars a day to watch, potty train and take care of the girls throughout the day. I don’t do housekeeping beside cleaning up after the girls. Everyday I show up to work at 7:30 am, if not earlier. Most days I do not leave until 6:00-6:30 pm due to the mom wanting to take in or out the garbage or wanting to discuss the day. Dependent on whether or not the girls go down for a nap I can get a 1-2 hour break before the older one gets home from school. When I originally sat down with the parents they told me that I would be getting off everyday at 5:30 pm. That has happened maybe 4 times since I started 2 months ago.
Watching the twins is also extremely restrictive. For instance, we are not allowed to go outside; even in to the fenced off side yard. And the twins are not allowed to color or feed themselves because their mom fears they will make a mess. We are also not allowed to watch T.V (even educational videos) between the hours of 9 and 5.
I guess my last worry is that when I applied they did not tell me I would also be watching their older one. And she is not exactly as little work as her parents described. I was told she was going to be self sufficient and a help with the girls. But she instigates a lot of fights with them and has to be constantly reminded and coerced into doing the things I was told she would already do.
I know this is a lot, but I’m really frustrated and feeling burnt out already. I don’t know where to go from here. I know I should probably speak to the mom, but I don’t know what to say. I feel like I’m being underpaid and that the parents don’t respect me. But maybe I’m just complaining? Any advice would be amazing.


This is insane. Find another job. First off, the twins are toddlers they’re going to make a mess bc they’re not old enough to know better, i also take care of a 3 (almost 4) year old and he colors and feeds himself (every meal!) kids need to be outside, its developmental for them. And as for pay? You’re being EXTREMELY underpaid (idk where you live) but you take care of 3 kids and do long hours.
Let us know how it goes!
Good luck!

I watch a 2month old and a 2 year old and I get paid 330 a week that makes it 66 dollars a day and I’m complaining because I am being Underpaid. You’re definitely underpaid. Some people think that being a nany is not an actual job and they take advantage of people, you should talk to them or look for another job where they appreciate you more.

That’s unbelievable!! How crazy can they be to pay you only $65 PER DAY?
If I was you, I would start looking for another job, or I would talk to the parents if there is any chance for them to pay you more.
My family pays me what the nanny rate is in my city.
How is the rate in yours?
I hope you find a great job with somebody that pays you well.. because working with kids it’s not an easy thing. So stressful!

Its not fair at all. I get $100 a day and still feel underpaid.... you would make more at a minimum wage job elsewhere for those hours. Apply somewhere else it's not worth it at all

Low pay, unreasonable expectations ( can't color or feed themselves?!?) and chronically late parents...why would you stay in that job? Look for another one get one lined up and give notice.