Year anniversary coming up. Time to negotiate?

I am currently a full time nanny for two children ages 2 and four. The four year old goes to morning preschool 3 days a week. The two year old is under my care from 8-4pm. The mother is getting a divorce and this in turn is wreaking havoc on the children- the 4 year old girl more than the younger boy.

This is my first out of the house job in 20 years, so I'm out of touch with current nanny trends as far as pay, sick pay and vacations go. I'm in Silicon Valley, and get paid 18$ an hour, but get no sick pay, vacation pay or benefits. Is this legal? I have a wicked cold, but continue to work when I'd rather be home and in bed. I'm constantly getting sick because of a little girl being in preschool . Fact of life but oh well.

I did not research nannies in San Jose, but at the time I was lucky to find a job after being a stay at home mom for 20 years . Thank you in advance for any help you can give me .


I live in the midwest and these moms only pay $13-15.00 per hour, tops, for one infant. I have never had sick pay, but most families won't pay for sick days. I do make parents sign a 12 month contract with the agreed upon hourly wage. I pay my own taxes, no way would they pay it. National holidays paid, 8 hours for that day, if I am full-time and normally would work. For example, OFF DAYS with pay: Christmas Day 8 hours paid, New Year's Day paid 8 hours, Thanksgiving Day paid 8 hours, Memorial Day, Fourth of July if it falls during the week. All these holidays are national holidays and most parents are off with pay. List them in your contract. One year of service to the family equals 5 vacation days paid. No sick day pay. If mom takes off and cancels your regular scheduled work day, then she pays you. If the 4 year-old needs care by you after school, then mom pays for that half day and all days that the children are in your care. Be very careful with this mom, she is going through a bad time now with the divorce. Stress level is off the charts and who pays for child care?
However, in the divorce papers she can Demand child support and day care expenses (your salary and daycare) be paid by the children's father until they are 18, 21 if in college. She will always need preschool and after school care for these two kids until they are in middle school. I would have a sit down with her and protect yourself and your job. You will need a commitment from her If you have a job in December and starting January 1, 2018? Do not let her put you off. If you need to work and want to stay with the family, then negotiate. Daycare and preschool kids get sick a lot until they build up a resistance to colds and flu, its a given being a nanny. Call local daycares in that area and see what they charge for a 2 year old and half days after school for a 4 year-old. Sometimes daycare is cheaper than a private nanny. Do some research in her area and see what the cost will be for daycare for those two age groups, then you will know what to negotiate. Do not clean and do all the laundry for that hourly rate either. Cooking for the kids is a must but mom needs to buy the food, do not buy food. Good luck and keep in touch. miss pat

Do what you think sounds fare. I honestly think $19/20 an hour is more appropriate for two children. I’m in Boston and when I began with one of my families they started me at $18 an hour (this was about 5 years ago). After they had baby number 2 they raised my hourly rate to 19.50 an hour. They also paid cash so I claimed nothing and was still able to get health and dental through the state. It’s all about getting lucky with the right family.
Bring it up to your boss in an email and see what she thinks. Maybe point out you know she’s going through a tough time but you are also.....
let us know how it goes.

My old boss who was a doctor told me some good advice “Don’t ever let them low-ball you”. She knows that people who have nannies can afford a lot more than they sometimes let on.....if they can afford a nanny they can afford 30-50 extra dollars a week for a raise.

Yes - a year anniversary is a great time to renegotiate. Check out the A to Z nanny contract it's not expensive and it comes with an e book that tells all about what's standard in the industry- the book is a really easy way to get a conversation going about pto and other benefits.