Family always going out of town

Has anybody nannied for a family that is always going out of town?

I nanny for a toddler m-f, 40 hours a week. (most weeks). Both of their jobs are very flexible, and all of their family lives either out of state or out of the country.

This summer they traveled out of country and paid me for the time they would be gone, before they left for their trip. They extended their trip and when they arrived home they paid me for the extra weeks they were gone.

They just left again for 2 weeks, but this time they didn't pay me.... Im not sure what to do, especially since I am so terrible at confrontation and talking about money. This vacation would be for a holiday, so I'm not sure if that in their heads they don't feel they need to pay me?

Parent who usually pays me, may have just spaced it due to the busyness of packing and traveling with children. What do you guys think? Should i text mom boss and ask her, or wait until they are home to see if they pay me then? Ugh.


GUARANTEED HOURS! That's what you need. Then you'll celebrate when they go out of time. It's standard. They HAVE to give it to you.

Def wait! They could’ve forgotten, the families i work for usually pay me the Monday after a vacation. They should always pay you especially if it’s THEM leaving and not you as you didn’t ask for the time off. If they don’t pay, just ask them to have a talk and to clarify when they are and aren’t willing to pay.

If they usually pay you every two weeks or every 30 days consistently, then I would wait until they come back and then let her contact you. If she gave you a return day, then text her on that day and ask; When do I go back to work? Do I still have a job?, because you did not pay me when you left. Be sure you tell her she did not pay you, which forces her to make a move. If you hear nothing back in 24 hours, then assume they are not returning and you have no job. I would have a meeting with her, Quick! In the meantime, start looking for a New Job now.
I have been working 4 months for a new family. They have a new baby and I started when she was 2 months old. They just took a vacation to Florida this Thanksgiving week and won't return until Sunday night. She told me a month ago they were going and i would be off 5 days. She asked if she had to pay me? " Me: "Yes, you scheduled the vacation, and if you want me to be here and available when you return, then yes you pay". No deals. I did not ask or schedule a vacation off. I have only worked for them 4 months! Geez. She makes 10x what I do. So, I feel like you do. Can they afford a nanny or what? My boss informed me that her mom was helping her pay my fees which really did not make me feel secure. She left her trust fund check out in the kitchen,so I know she has the money. She also told me she had 3 months maternity leave, so she would not be taking a vacation. Now she has taken a week off. I had one mom a year ago, who took 4 weeks vacation and all during the holidays; Fridays thru Monday, throughout the year. I had to inform her I would lose over $1,000 for all her vacation time and No I could not afford that and it was great that she had 4 weeks off, but Nanny needed to be Paid! Tell them you cannot wait for them to return from their many vacations without pay, the pay Secures the Nanny! Best of luck to you with this family and keep us posted on what happens. miss pat

I believe you have to talk to them and ask them to pay you before they take another vacation. I have been through situations where they left without paying me...i have bills and my bills can't wait! Besides, they have to value and respect us. One time, a family i worked for took a 1 week vacation and just left, then the mom sent me an email saying something came up and decided to stay another week so i said "it's fine since i am getting paid anyways. Next thing, she called me and said "of course i wont pay you! Let's say yo worked at a groccery store and you don't show up for work, you dont get paid!" And then said, "well, you are the one who won't need me and you have paid me before when you took your vacation, I thought i was being paid. Then she said, "since it was a misunderstanding, you work more hours and i pay you."
I had no knowledge about being a nanny so I agreed since i needed the money.
Don't let them take advantage of you, please :)