College, back to school

I'm only 19. I've been with this family for one year already. I wanted to go back to school for fall semester which started in august and do part time, but the family needed me and forced me to do online courses. I'm drained from working here, I care for an autistic 2 year old and end up cleaning the whole house, dishes from night before and 2 loads of laundry a day, including parents and it's downstairs. Oh to top it off, grocery shopping with the child twice a week. Anyways, school starts again in January. I want to go to campus, I'm just scared they will say something to not let me go or cut my hours bad. It's two days a week in the morning, hopefully he can be put in day care part time. I'm slowly trying to move away from this crazy family because I feel like a servant. Also, I don't pay taxes so it's hard for me to do anything in the real world. I can't refinance loans or anything. I have no proof of income.
I wish to have a job that I can prove my income and not be stressed or stuck in a house with a nonverbal child being monitored on camera in every room. I think I'm slowly deteriorating my brain.


You need to quit, when you start to feel like a servant at a job you need to let go. How could they force you to not go to school? They need to accommodate you if they want to keep you, you are not the child’s parent and they need to help you. I hope they’re even paying you well enough to be doing everything you are. Def look for something else. Look for a job, secure it, and give them your two weeks and if they try to talk you out of it just say, I’m sorry but my last day will be “whatever date” i hope you understand and that we can leave off on good terms while we make this transition.

Def let us know how it goes,
Good luck!