Nanny Resume help.

Hello everyone! I have a few questions about a nanny resume. When I first got hired as a nanny I did not have much experience with children so my resume consisted of my previous job experiences as a student, sales, and general managing. I am getting ready to update my resume. What are some nanny resume "musts"? I am also doing my own research online but there are so many examples and tips on what should be included. I just want to make sure I am including the correct information that will stand out to potential employers. I also have a ton of child care experience now that I've been a full time nanny for 2 years! I have plenty of solid babysitting references, infant care experience, I am first aid and cpr certified, and I have experience caring for up to 5 children at a time.

Thank you for all your advice!


At this point, your resume should be strictly childcare related. Also list any and all relevant classes or workshops you've done. Any relevant skills should be included. Like if you can paint, sing, create activities. I also have a portfolio now. As it seems that nannies now include a portfolio. Look into it. Its great!

List Only Child care jobs in the last 5 years. List only families with Updated phone numbers and email addresses. If you had a good relationship with the mom and all went well, then list her. I call my most recent past families and give them a Heads Up that I am looking again and she may get a call for a reference. Most families want the last 3 families that you worked for. Even if it was babysitting at night, list it. My nanny packet includes: my resume detailing why I want to be a nanny, my core beliefs. Recent photo of myself, a current background check that You pay for. Packet also includes: your education degrees, certifications with copies, classes taken pertaining to the age of children, CPR, First Aid, memberships in Nanny Associations, etc. List most recent families in the last 5 years. Family name, email, phone number, age of their child at the time you cared for him. Get letters of recommendation when they give you your notice to quit, two weeks Before you quit. When I need to change a job; if I am laid off for their financial gain, a change in income, a move out of state, then I ask for a letter of recommendation. I take as many classes that I can every two years; CPR and First Aid a must, New infant care classes, and keep copies of all my certifications. I also joined International Nanny Association and list that too. My letters of recommendation are current and show me as a dependable and highly experienced nanny. Pictures of kids I would leave out unless they ask. Some families do not want their kids photos flashed around to the public. Keep kids photos also Off the internet too. You can also join a nanny site; or Sittercity at no charge, and list yourself as "On-call nanny or Short-Notice nanny" Just to get jobs Until you nail the full-time job. I usually change jobs every two years as I am an infant nanny only. Some parents have no idea how much child care cost, if they are first-time parents, but find out quick at tax time just how much of that cost they can claim. Some pay a minimum of $24,000 per year to their nanny. My big issue is How parents try to low ball the hourly wage! Stay firm on How much you charge from the beginning and do not compromise or back down. Also, mention paid holidays; think of all National holidays; Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, July 4th, etc. Paid vacation time; If they take a vacation and you have only been there 6 months, like me, You want paid for that week. You did not request a vacation, they did. I also include a time sheet in my packet so they know I keep track of my hours weekly and what they owe at the end of two weeks. Your hours can change weekly. You just want to show that you are organized and professional and take this very seriously. I have lost jobs from parents moving out of state, mom quitting her job and returning to college, dad cutting childcare expenses, so he put toddler in daycare, etc. Losing a nanny job is not fun and very stressful! So, we all feel for you and just put yourself in the best light as possible when presenting your resume. Be organized and professional. If you want to call it a Portfolio, so be it, but you are not applying for a modeling job. Also, be careful what you post on the internet of you and friends, no sexy, drinking photos with friends. Your profile on the internet is shown to the public and your future boss could be looking at it. Just keep all the above in a folder and present it on interview.
Best of luck to you and let us know how it goes. miss pat