Some advice

So I’ve started another position. I’ve done live in for 12 years. I’ve got great experience and last fam I worked for was for just shy of 8 years. I’ve done Household Manager, live in nanny, personal care assistant, special needs. And so much more. The fam had 7 kids.
So this round I decide to take it easy two or three kids no fee cleaning and just Household Manager type duties.
The agency I signed up with is great gives me two great options. So since I’ve worked for a doc before I go with fam A the doc. Talk about duties which she says are organization, care of kids lots of running around. Nowhere does she say deep cleaning maid. Let me state that M is in a wheel chair. You’ll understand as you read on as to why I do state this. She’s very independent or so she says but still wants a servant.
So I start And this is day five. I’m working from 6am till kids get up until 930:10pm with no time for breaks, duties are insane. I’m deep cleaning her floors daily sideboards daily dusting deep clean bathroom everyday NO specks of water allowed left on the tub after she bathes.

So day one I hit the ground running. She’s got a primary person who is here and she walks all over. This other person we will call nanny A (na for short) is walked all over works long hours and bad pay. The M is very demanding asking us to run to her office three times today alone first to bring makeup bag second to bring pills third drinks. I’m trying to not be annoyed by all the chaos!

Go back a little in tracking Friday is day three. M comes home and has day off on Friday instead we both NA and I are working from 6a till late. Well m lets off NA at 330 to go home.
M texts me to have evening off she’s bringing a friend ocer. So I go relax but keep general eye out, and M isn’t paying attention to her 4 year old who is playing with Kid play date and they are covered in compound mixture left over from construction workers outside. I mean a hot mess everywhere. It’s on kids on doors on pathment driveway front of house her bmw car the inside bathrooms cat litter room covered and kitchen plus tracked all over the house. M doesn’t even come outside to clean it up. I’m stuck doing it. She doesn’t even move or bother to help. I’m annoyed!
Just beyond crazy(sorry for venting) and that’s just the easy part of my Friday night. Mind you I’m a live in but I’m given no set schedule expected to be house maid nanny and just so much more than I bargained for.
I try talking to M tonight and everyThing keeps getting dismissed. I say I’m feeling stressed and she says oh it’s a new job your just getting a feel for us. I say I’m being texted the same question four times have I done this and being micromanaged she said that’s new for anybody. I say no once or twice not four times. I then mention getting the car which is part of contract. She provides a vehicle but she passes that off until another day too. So I’m kinda perturbed at this point from being dismissed and ignored and as though my professional and personal are being ignored.



I understand your a live in, but the deep daily cleaning was not mentioned, right? In my opinion she is taking advantage of you, having no regards of your thoughts or feelings. Total disrespect. I would look for another position.You have great experience in many fields of care, choose one that you will enjoy, get respected and be appreciated and pays what you need.

I’ve already Stated that I’m going to leave the position. I’m leaving tomorrow actually. At this point it’s just unhealthy for me and she’s already told kids I’m leaving. I’ve tried discussing with M that I would like to transition out this weekend. She just replies she needs a backup. She has a primary other person Monday through Friday. At this point I owe her no other explanation she just keeps trying to push my leave date back further.
So I talked to agency and decided sat while they are gone I will leave a basic resignation letter lock up the home and leave. Agency agrees that at this point that is all I can do.

That sounds really stressful and not like something you could sustain for very long or you will burnout! I would leave, is she really going to change. You have lots of experience so fine somewhere that treats you with respect and is not so stressful.
Take care