Am I overreacting?

Hi all. I'm gonna try to make this short :p so I'm a Nanny to an 8 month old. Ive been with her since she was just shy of 3 months. The interview process was long and a very strict contract was in place. During the process I mentioned I work specifically for parents who work outside of the home bc I am uncomfortable working for stay at home parents. They are doctors and said they never work from home. Well this is not the case. After about 3 times of them coming home to do computer work all afternoon I gently reminded them of our conversation and we agreed that with proper notice they may occasionally swing by for lunch or they may need me for an hour or so If one of them is on call and the other parent isn't home. We have had another conversation to clarify this so that means we have talked about it 3 times in 5 months. Since then I have been very flexible about this. Sometimes the father will sleep in or go for a run and not leave for 3-4 hours after I've gotten here and I say nothing bc I know it's their house and I don't want to be a pain. Also I'm supposed to be given my schedule for the following week every Friday. Occasionally I get it first thing Saturday. However this weekend I ended up reaching out to her late Saturday for at least my start times for the week bc I have three puppies who go to daycare so I need to give the timing to the woman who watches them. Well she tells me she needs me to come in for 6am m-th bc she's on call however her husband would be home sleeping till whenever and go to work at his normal time. I responded to her saying that if it's a necessity for me to get there at 6am bc both need to go in early then that's fine. I explained that in order for me to get to her by 6am I'd have to be up at 4 am and pay the overnight fee for the puppies which seems a bit unfair. So she agreed that Monday and Tuesday I could come in at 7:30 my normal time and the other two days come in at 6. Our contract states all workdays start at 7:30 am unless told otherwise. So I suppose a 6am start day isn't technically breaking the contract but it still seems unfair if it's for the husband to sleep in. I know it's never good to agree on a salary but in my case I had to bc they go on lots of vacations and it was the only way for me to get payed during those times. I make 12.75 an hour and overtime pay starts after 50 hours. So all though I'll be coming in early I won't be paid extra bc technically I won't be over 50 hours. So I am getting paid for 50 hours of work therefor don't expect to be paid extra. Now to my second issue last week I was told I have this Friday off bc the mom doesn't work. She finally emails me the rest of the schedule Sunday night. Which says on Friday I am to work 8:30-2:30 because they are having a retreat at their house. She doesn't say sorry for telling you about having the day off. So not only am I working on a day I was supposed to get off but now I'm working at their home which will be filled with 10 other people. I feel so disrespected because she knows I'm uncomfortable with this situation. And it's not an hour or so which we discussed it's 6 hours! Their house is not large. It's all one floor so it's not like there will be any space. I will have to manuver through them to get bottles baby food etc. I feel like I go out of my way to do so much extra for them bc I know they are busy. But I feel like they have no respect for me by doing this. I know some people work from home and have nannies and it's fine but If I've made it clear many times that I'm uncomfortable with this and was told in the interview they never work from home am I wrong for being pissed? I'm literally applying to jobs.


First, I don't work for sahp/wfhp either so I understand, but the husband sleeping/working out wouldn't bother me. As long as he was out of the way. You can't tell them not to come home because it's their house.

The issues that would be deal breakers for me are the salary and the schedule lchanges. You DONT have to accept salary to get paid when NFS vacation. You get hourly plus overtime plus guaranteef hours.

I would quit too. It sounds like a bad fit

Oh no I totally agree! Work from home parents are the worst, and it's completely disrespectful to have you come in early or on days they are not working. You have your own life and responsibilities. It's also in your contract, so you definitely have the right to be angry. Knowing you mentioned it multiple times, I think applying to new jobs is the right route. You told them, and they know how you feel. At this point, it's disrespectful. I totally understand the work from home thing. I am not comfortable with it either. It's an invasion of privacy, the kids behave differently, they are in the way and you are always undermined. No matter what, the parents are looked at as the boss. Sounds like you've given them enough chats. I'd look for something else, and they will know why you had to leave. Good luck! :)

I think this just isn't a good fit for you.
It stinks that they are around more than they said they would be but it's their house.

For Friday if you already made plans I would tell her she told you you had the day off so you can't come in now.

If you don't want to work early so the parents can sleep in let them know that- it seems like a hassle with the dogs.

I think you are right to look for another position.


So I think you might be, but I also 100% understand where your coming from. Sounds like your making it clear about your boundaries but at the end of the day it is their home. I'm sure they don't want to feel like they can't come home because you are there working. Have you thought about taking the kids out while they are home, or planning something fun in those times? That usually helps, and will relieve some stress.