Best age to take care of?

I took on a job for 3 kids ages 5-9. It was a mistake, because it is my very first time nannying and even though the kids are overall ok, the work load is immense. The family has cleaners coming in regularly so the house is not that hard to maintain, but I am having a hard time keeping myself together physically and mentally. I get paid $16/hr.

I recently got an offer from another family to work for $20/hr taking care of a 1.5 yr old girl. It is so tempting because it's one child instead of three. Should I take the offer? I am in a probation period with my current family and they are able to replace me with a previous caretaker if I quit.

So that is my situation...and I am most curious whether caring for a 1.5 yr old would be easier than a kid who is 5 yrs old for example.


Yes. Yes. Yes.
You're getting paid more, and what seems like a more relaxed environment? (Or atleast make sure) set some ground rules what you're comfortable doing as far as house hold chores. 1.5 year olds are in the exploring and cute stage. But they're getting into everything, EVERYTHING. So it's not about less work. It's more they are doing things differently.

It is better to accept new job offer because you have to only take care of 1 baby than 3. And I think work load will also be less compared to this.

Here's my question, why would you pass up making $4 more an hour?? I would take the job if I were you. 12 months-24 months is my favorite age to care for. I also care for 3 charges and it is a lot at times. Luckily my NKs started school besides my one nk who turned 2 in August. Toddlers are a lot to care for because they are so active but he/she should still be napping for 2-3 hours a day so you'll have down time. Here are some questions to consider, are these parents expecting you to do more than just child care like cleaning? Are they planning on having more children? Do they give you pto, ot, and/or other benefits? On paper $20/hour sounds great for one child but you still need to consider all aspects of this new position.

Taking care of one child for more money is a NO BRAINER!! Personally, I love love this age. They are walking, learning to talk, able to go to classes and activities and trips to the park and play dates are so much fun! Plus they are still young enough to be able to mold them a bit and get them used to the way you do things...older kids are more difficult in my opinion and I've been caring for kids for over 25 years.

parks, playgrounds, playgroups, and other social places near you to take the toddler? I know a lot of nannies feel more isolated with toddlers than older children at times but if you have other nannies in the area that you can meet up with or go to parks or have playdates it can help you not feel so isolated.

I am not sure what area you live in but $16/hr for three kids seems low to me. I think it's great that you have a family that values you enough to want to pay you $20/hr. Make sure you get an understanding of what their expectations are and give two week's notice at the present position because you already sound miserable. I can tell you, you don't want to grow resentful of your work/job, so if you already feel overwhelmed, you need to let it go. A professional makes those types of decisions for what's best for her and the family and kids. You need to always feel you are a professional and carry yourself that way.

I have been an Early Childhood Educator for decades and I can tell you that you really have to gain more experience to see which age or age range is best for you because children are so different at every age and you'll want to know which stage is good for you.

I wish you all the best with your decision!
ms. belle

Yes, take the new job and put in your notice Now. I switched from 3 and 4 year-old kids to newborn babies this year. I am Never going back to older kids and multiple kids in one family. Being a nanny, caring for families is hard enough just taking care of their children and home all day, one does not need to be Stressed Out and Overwhelmed. Why do you think parents want a nanny? Parents are so Busy 7-6 making money for their home and needs and are not spending enough time with their kids and home. This is why kids are unruly and the house is a mess and they have to Hire Help like housekeepers, cooks, and Multiple nannies. I have seen ads where parents want night nannies and weekend nannies all weekend. Who is raising the kids here. Why have 3 kids when you have no time to parent? I cut back to 1 infant, preferably a newborn, that I can love, nurture, and teach as she grows. 18 month old infants are a good age providing the parent hasn't been too overprotective and have taught her to eat, talk, walk, play and be happy. I would take the new job immediately. Just tell the family, that 3 kids are too many for you to deal with and you are cutting back to one child, that is it. Give a two week notice, no more. Any longer and it gets too uncomfortable and nanny feels guilty. Let the parents tell the kids you are leaving and if they don't, then the last week, you tell them. Do not back down, they may offer more money to keep you.
Good luck and keep us posted on how it all went down. miss pat

If I got an offer for less work and more money I'd jump without checking for a parachute!