Replace child’s lost toys or not?

I accidentally posted this as a comment under a totally different post (sorry to that poster, I didn’t intend to take away from your post!) anyway...

So this isn’t a huge situation but here’s the deal :
The little 19 m/o girl I care for has a stuffed bunny that she absolutely adores. Bunny must go everywhere with her, including crib. It’s essentially her “lovey”. Her parents also bought a backup bunny for times when original bunny is being washed or if they accidentally lose it. They are the same exact bunny, brand, color and all.

Friday we were at the park and I hid the bunny in the storage basket under the stroller from a child who harasses my little charge for her bunny while we are there. The little girl I watch was preoccupied at the time and didn’t even realize bunny was “hiding”. Well long story short, bunny went missing either at the park or it fell out on the way back home. I didn’t realize until a couple hours later when we went to look for it before leaving Again, and he was nowhere to be found. Mom isn’t mad at all but is planning to purchase another backup bunny in case we didn’t find him at the park this morning.

So my question is, since he was lost on my watch and since it’s such an important part of my little charge’s life/routine, is it my responsibility to replace him? I feel bad, and I want to but it’s also a $30 stuffed animal and for me that’s going to make my wallet wince a little as I am leaving on a very long family vacation soon. I know this isn’t a huge deal but I haven’t encountered this situation in my years of nannying so I’m not quite sure if it would fall under my responsibility as a nanny to replace it. I’m going back and forth between “it’s my fault, I should replace it” to “sh*t happens” haha. If the majority deems it a nanny responsibility then I will just eat the $30. I’m just curious to see some opinions though. Thanks!


As bad as you may feel, I don't think you should replace it. As bad as you may feel, don't. Like you said, shit happens. Just learn from it. Besides whose to say the mother or father of the child would get upset if you went out of your way to buy the item. Lol some parents might find this as spoiling the child (weird I know) or going out of bondries as a worker (I know sounds crazy), but you never know with people. If the mom wasn't upset everything will be okay. Have a good night/day!

It was an accident and you did your part in looking for it. Since there was a back up and mom already said she's purchasing another and she didn't ask you to, it's fine.

Naa I wouldn't replace it....this time. If it happens again, then I would, but mom and dad sound like they have the money to buy another. I would probably leave it home to avoid having it lost again, and having to fork over $30 dollars for a stuffed animal lol that's insane!