I was just wondering how much notice parents give you if you have to babysit? Also do we all have the choice to say no? I'm live in, i have set hours, get a set salary each week and i don't get paid for babysitting as the kids go to school during the day so i don't work then. Recently the parents have been asking me to babysit either the day before and more recently on the day of babysitting, sometimes even on the night of. It doesn't say in my contract how much notice they should give or if i can say no. I feel that i can't arrange any plans with friends incase i'm asked last minute. Being live in I need to get out and about.


I'm a live in. If I babysit I get paid extra. I wouldn't babysit for free.

If you are available to watch the kids during the school day if they get sick, have a snow day, or a holiday then you should be paid during those hours.

If you don't have a contract I recommend getting one.

And next time your bosses tell you they need you to babysit say you have plans if you don't want to do it.

I get it it's very hard to say no. But do set some boundaries.