Wrote about my situation a couple of days ago and everyone has given me great advice. If you want to see the post it's called, "Don't Want to be a live in nanny anymore." For those that don't know, I work as a live-in nanny for fraternal twins and it's a nightmare. I replaced their old nanny who was moving back to her homeland in Africa. Ever since she's left (1 week) things have really hit the fan and I've decided my time it up and must leave. I'm really scared because I just started and both parents work lots of hours. So they are basically really counting on me. Little by little the parents have added to the job that was never talked about before I agreed to it. Plus, after I dropped the kids off from daycare they want me to stay at the house instead of giving my break and letting me go to my actual home until I need to pick the kids up. The children never sleep and they are waking me up constantly. The kids have a total of 3 nannies, which includes me. This is horrible situation...how do I quit without upsetting them?!


You don't need to be scared unless the parents are dangerous. If they are, call someone to come get you. Otherwise, pack up your things in your car/call someone for pickup then tell the parents you need to leave. If it is a dangerous situation, have the police there.

If you're worried they will just be upset to lose a nanny, that's ok. They will figure it out. It's their job to figure it out.

Their anger is their problem. Have your things packed when you give notice in case they get angry and tell you to leave now. Also, tell them on payday so you can leave without being owed money. For the same reason

You don't need to be scared.. If it's not working out for you it's not... You should have drew up a contact before you started stating wage you want.. and your responsibilities.. Im.confused.are you.live in..Dont you.leave.each.day to go home? Also if you don't mind me asking what are you paid hourly or by the week..You should be making a minimum of $15 a hour..If the kids are at daycare during the day.. and.shes paying u to be at her house I understand that.. but not.at night.. when your shift ends.. If you want to leave.. make Sure u have your.belongings packed up in your car..Make sure you get your check from her have another job lined up. Then give her your 2 weeks.. Good luck

Yes i am live in during the week Monday through Friday. So the kids attend daycare Thursday and Friday from 8:15-6:00 between those times, I can go to my OWN place to relax, but now they're saying I can't until I take the dogs out and feed them and stuff like that. I'm planning on giving my two weeks Friday. I get paid salary per week not hourly. And I will deff make sure I have my stuff out on Friday. Usually I bring one bad of clothes and that's it. I'll hand her the keys and the cart seats and be on my way. Thanks for the help!