Hours worked

Hi! I was wondering if any of you have set specific hours (say 8AM-530PM) and if you get paid overtime if you work longer? Or if they "owe you" time if they are late or you owe them time if they are early and so forth? I am a current live-in nanny and the hours the parents get home from work vary BIG TIME. Some nights I am done at 5, some nights I'm not done till 6 which then means I feed the child dinner and so forth.

Is it common to just work whatever hours and get paid the same or do any of you get paid overtime and how does that work?




It sounds like since you are a live-in, I was wondering if you were paid a salary weekly (X dollars weekly) to work and care for the kids which is why you are working multiple shifts and different times daily. If you get paid a Set dollar amount weekly ?($500) weekly with no overtime, then you are salaried. If your contract stated work hours are 8-5 p.m. then they should pay you Overtime over 40 hours total you worked per week. Total up all hours worked for one week and if you are not salaried, then they should pay overtime. This is what I do. I make a payroll sheet for two weeks and each day I list my start time and quitting time and total hours each day and total hours at the bottom weekly. If the total hours exceed 40, then you should be paid Overtime. However, this Depends on your contract and what you agreed to. I have a time like 30 minutes extra daily that I can stay over for traffic issues, meetings, etc. but not daily and weekly! This is just taking advantage of the nanny since you are a live-in. If you were a weekend babysitter and they were late coming home every Saturday night, then they should pay you extra, right? So. why shouldn't they pay you now? Get back to us please. miss pat

The hard part is that I work for my sister and brother in law so there is no "contract". We all kind of went for it and kind of fix things along the way. It is coming to the point though where I am working till 6 PM more than I'm not. I love my nephew and he is very easy to take with me to run errands but I also need alone time and want to do things without a kid. That's been one of my biggest struggles. I am thinking there needs to be some sort of contract and set hours and we need to make my situation more "business" like. But I like your idea of keeping track of my hours and such. I make $1,100 (before taxes) no matter what and they pay me back for groceries. However, I work 10 hours on some days.

So salary would NOT get paid overtime?

I get paid hourly. My old schedule was 8-5 then it switched to 7:30-5 m,w,f and stays 8-5 t,th when my oldest nk started kindergarten. I get paid OT, absolutely. I stay flexible with my schedule because I believe to be a good nanny and to be a good employee you need to be flexible. However, flexibility shouldn't be taken advantage of and you should be compensated properly if you work more hours than what is in your set schedule. Did they give you a set schedule when they hired you or did you accept a loose schedule? Do you get paid on the books or under the table? You need to be getting paid OT if you are hourly.

There was no set schedule. I was originally told one of them would try to be home by 5 but that didn't last long. Sometimes they are home at 5 but most times its 530 or 6. I get paid by check and then the rest under the table which is also another advantage for me so I feel bad complaining sometimes but I do think I need to set a schedule with them. I wanted to get some input from others before I started a conversation with them. I'm also flexible with my schedule and it's hard not to be flexible when I live with them and they are family-but at the same time they can take advantage of that such as going to get a hair cut after work which then extends my hours (just an example).

I live in California and the law is a bit confusing when it comes to overtime so it's something I need to look more into.

You should have set regular hours and you should be paid extra for when they are late.

Depending on your state you might not get an OT rate - some live ins don't. But you still need to be paid for every hour.

Like any other job, if you were paid hourly and worked overtime you are entitled to that money. Plus you earned it. Just because we are nannies does not mean we do not get the same benefits as having an office job or etc. We do not work for free as I'm sure the parents we work for don't either. :) You worked those hours- you should get paid, unless everyone agreed on salary then that's a whole different story haha.

Luckily, I was a nanny for a lawyer (which she was required by the oath she took lol) to abide by all state laws. I was never taken advantage of & had a specific contract that worked for everyone. I live in CA so depending on where you're located at things may be different.

I would recommend getting a contract which will lay things out. Salary or hourly? Overtime? Set schedule? Etc. This way you are put at ease to what is expected of you. :)

If everyone decides on salary it would be a good idea to see if they include paid time off, sick days, holidays, etc.

Good luck!

I work 12 shifts and get paid over time for any extra hours I stay. But mine situation is different both parents I work for work in the medical field so they can't just leave if they have an emergency which is more times then not. Do you have a contract? It was all written out in my contract about over time pay.