No pay for weekend/overnight work

I recently did a weekend with my current nanny family. The parents had asked if I was available for them to go out of town. I said yes and that I charge a flat rate for sleep hours and my regular pay during wake hours. I also asked if I could be paid through a different source than our usual as (out of nowhere, which is another frustration) they made me start paying taxes. When I reminded my nanny mom to pay me she said she would pay me the flat rate for the overnight but they had enough "banked" hours. I checked my contract and there is a line that reads "when the family goes out of town the nanny will receive pay for 8 hours each day they are gone. These hours will be saved for when the family needs additional hours." First of all, I don't like that this is in my contract to begin with. Second of all, this was outside of my regular working hours which are Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30 so shouldn't have been connected. That was ALOT of work and I wouldn't have agreed to do it if this was discussed ahead of time. I've been nannying along time and have never been in this situation. Any thoughts from both parents and nannies would help so much! I want to be fully informed before I bring it up to my boss. Thanks! Frustrated Nanny


What they are doing is called hour banking. It's ILLRGAL. Tell her so and request pay. They cannot bank hours. And it's dishonest AF for them not to mention their intention to NOT pay beforehand

I would go back and renegotiate that contract asap.

I would never bank hours.

You are contracted to be available certain hours each week. You are holding that time for your employer. If they go away you can work at the house and do child related tasks. If they don't have enough for you to do that's too bad for them.

Go back reread the contract and think about if you love this job or not. You might want to renegotiate. Or you might keep the contract the same but never be available for nights and weekends again.