Frustrated and Isolated

Hey. So I have been with two wonderful families with two sweet babies. At first the long hours didn't bother me and I was okay but now I get to the weekend and I don't like to do anything on my time off except sleep and stay in. I'm a very social perosn and I love to work out. I work 12 hour days and I am away from my house for 13 hours. It's starting to wear in me. I don't have time to work out and when I get home I have about 2 hours to get stuff done as I have to be up around 4:15 to walk my dog. Should I cut back on hours? Is this healthy for anyone ? How do I approach my employers without hurting feelings or being rude. Is there a solution to this.


Lol sounds like the story of my life. I definitely have very few options for jobs where I hunt because I will not work more than 10hrs a day and a lot of nannying gigs are longer than that due to parents commute time. Working for parents who walk or bike to work, or work from home has seemed to solve my schedule issue. I had to leave my last job after 18mos because I literally broke, my personal life was deeply suffering and my health was beginning to turn because of it all.

Most families are not interested in splitting the day between two care givers because it's tricky to coordinate and too many variables. I'd personally start looking for a job with less hours. Once you get a job offer and a start date, contract signed, you give your current employers notice and this is one case where I'd just be honest and tell them it's due to the long days and the impact on your personal life. Anyone can understand that.

Do the kids still nap? Could you do a work out video during nap time? Or take them for a brisk stroller walk. I know it's not ideal.

My job is 12-14 hours a day in the summer and I feel like you described- there's a lot of napping going on on the weekends. Once school starts I get some time during the day for me.

If you are in an area where parents have a long commute at 12 hour day can be the norm.

You can ask the parents to stagger their start times so one goes in a little earlier and one comes home a little later - they would need you less that way BUT they would be taking on childcare at the rough times and would see each other less.

I am just struggling because I am always tired and sleeping on the weekends. I don't go to church and I turn down hanging g out with friends because I feel I need to use the weekend to recover but I because on Monday I'm never charged. I feel as if I am running on empty all the time and I have a spouse overseas. I love the children but the hours are killing means I sleep 7-8 hours but I get home I only have an hour before bed and I have to get stuff done. I feel like crying everyday

Talk to your employers. They may be able to work with you. Even if one parent comes home one hour early one time a week - see if they are willing to work with you.

How old are the kids?
One family or a share?
How long is your commute?
Can you get a dog walker?

I have a short commute and they nap but wake up within a half hour. I think 60 hours are so long and I am always tired even if I sleep 8 hours. It's so hard for me to just work come home to eat and sleep and do it all over again

Talk to them about cutting your hours. 60 is too long. Do you get overtime? It's the law. You should be getting it! I'd ask to cut down by at least 10 hours per week. You need to look out for your health and mental well-being.