Extra pay questions

I currently work full time for a family with 3 boys. The boys are currently 5 months, 2.5 and 5. I've been with them 2 years and 5 months. I work M-F, 7am-5pm. I am not a live in nanny.

The boys schedule is like this:
Baby: with me, all week, all day.

2.5yr old: preschool M,W,F - 8:30am-12:30. Then with me 12:30-5. Naps 1pm - 4pm. T & Th: With me all day.

5yr old: Pre-K M-F. 8:30am-4:45ish when mom picks him up.

I get paid weekly. $631 gross/$510 net. San Diego, Ca. That will go up $100 a week when oldest starts K end of August as he'll be home at 2:30 every day. It's salary, no OT.

Where I need help is that the last week of August all 3 boys will be with me, M-F, all day. 50 hours. I don't know what to charge for that week. Help??

Then late September they want me to stay at the house from early Sat (7amish) to Monday afternoon while they travel to Vegas. Again, all 3 boys. The little sleeps through the night. Both older boys share a room and get up at 5:30am, go to bed around 7:30pm.

Mom offered $420 for the entire time. I countered with $550. My calculations were basically taking what my hourly would be, dividing my salary by 50 hours for 14 hours a day. Then 10 hours at $7.50 an hour for the over night part. She said they'd discuss it, and I have not heard back. Is that too much?

I LOVE this family, and the boys. And they treat me like family. Super nice extended family as well. I want to be fair to them, but it is a lot of work.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions! :)


Sounds like you have a great family like me, except I'm all the way in NJ, currently salaried at $600/wk. I've worked for the same family for the last 5 1/2 yrs. Twins were 9 months, and a 2 yr old when I started. Kids are currently 6,6, and 7. Both travel for business frequently. And that is how I always calculated overnight and weekend stays. Anything over my 50 hrs while kids were awake was my salary divided by 50. And I charge a flat $100/night to sleep over. It also goes to say that I absolutely adore them, and am actually sad they are starting school this year so I need to find something new. They also have an amazing extended family as well that helps me out. For example, parents recently went to Jamaica for their 10th anniversary. I had kids for 3 days/nights, grandparents took them sat/sun to give me a break, and then I had them full time for 2 more days until flight landed. If they want the quality care they're used to, they'll pay that.

You pay is currently too low for the area. And nannies should never work salary. It's an hourly rate that should be commensurate with your experience/skills. And you are entitled to overtime PLUS a guarantee of your hours each week so that you don't lose pay when family travels or cancels for whatever reason.

Your area's rates are around 20-26 per hour. For three kids, I wouldn't do it under 25 per hour. It doesn't matter how much you love them. It's a job and you should be well compensated. IMHO

So my pay stays the same when I have one or more kids. Mine are school age. I work 7-7. They are gone much of the day during the school year. I don't make less for that. During the summer I have them all the time. I don't make more for that. I think the point of having a nanny is that you've got someone to watch your kids when you need them. You should factor in all 3 in your base pay.

For when they go away I'd expect to be paid for all hours that the kids are awake. And an overnight fee.

Overnight care is expensive and they should absolutely pay you what you've asked, minimum. I once did a Sat-Mon morning and earned almost $1000 when all was said and done. I'd add in that if any child wakes during the hours you are being paid the lower rate, it has to bump up to the full waking hour rate.

For the week all the boys are home you need to add at least $2 per hour for the extra boy, on top of whatever you're paid for the two usually. This is a standard fee as far as I'm concerned but I've had parents be sore at me for it. I stick to my guns and basically let them know they either pay me the fair increase or find someone else for the older child to spend the days with. They usually decide its worth the increase.

And I'd ask for a Vacation after that week is up! You deserve it :)

but in the oc, you should be making at least $15/hr for three kids so your salary seems low. with all that you are doing your regular salary should be $700-900/wk. I think you're charging too low for that weekend job... at least $15/hr for 14 hrs then $10/hr overnight...you deserve at least minimum wage for overnight. you're dealing with mixed ages AND three children, don't sell yourself short. i guess if you live and work around spring valley, el cajon, lakeside, santee, or lemon grove you may not make as much but if you are in carlsbad, encinitas, la jolla, or another affluent area of sd county, you're definitely being paid too low. so stay firm on at least $550 for the weekend.
kindest regards,

The kids cannot be left Alone at night, so she needs someone there covering the house and the kids in it. Even though kids are asleep, and you are asleep, You are Responsible for it All. Meals, food, shopping, entertainment, their supervision, you are replacing a parent. She is being cheap! I would have charged her your $631 weekly rate with no discount! Do you have a car and gas if there is an emergency or food shopping needed? Is she leaving extra money for this? Do not buy Anything for this family while they are gone. She is being cheap!
Keep us posted, but stick to your first offer. miss pat