How to look for new job opportunities

First of all, I want to thank everyone on this site for the fantastic advice and opinions I receive everytime I post a new thread. I lean on this site a lot and value this community so much!

I've posted in the past that I am ready to move on from my current nanny position. I believe that my time with this family has come to an end (sad) but it happens and I'm ready to move onto a family who is willing to pay me more. I've been with this family for almost 2 years and while the benefits are great compared to other nannies in my area I am underpaid compared to amount of work I perform on a daily basis and kids I take care of. Ideally, I do not want to be out of a job. I want to secure a new nanny job before I give my current family notice. What advice does anyone have on this situation? I have babysitting references that I can use but I'm concerned that a new family will not take babysitting references seriously. I was hoping to use my nanny family as a reference but I don't want them to know I'm leaving until I'm ready to tell them.


I never leave a position until I have the new job in the bag, with a start date and contract signed. I also never use my current family as a reference. You got your current job with your babysitting and all families I have interviewed with totally understood why my current family wasn't listed as a reference. Just start looking and explain very very professionally why you're leaving and what you're looking for.

I found a job before I left my 2 year live in nanny job ... then it fell thru last minute (relatives decided to care for the child). Then I got another job thru people intutor for, and it also fell through (they were relocating, and their nanny changed her mind and relocated as well).

1. Use nanny sites to search (; Sittercity; UrbanSitter and Craigslist)

2. You do not necessarily need a ref from your current family ... I have used families that I got to know during my time as a live in (and I am still friends with them after I left).

3. Be ok with taking short term positions (like a nanny is on vacation, a family is coming in out of town...) especially if you need the money right away ... it can also lead to other job opportunities.

Right now I am on a 3 wk job for a family who is vacationing near where I live. I am then hoping I get this 3 month job.

Good luck. You should leave if you think it is time. People don't understand that our days are longer than theirs ... as we are there before they leave for work, and we are still there when they return ...

Have you asked for a raise? If you like the family it might be worthwhile to negotiate a pay raise.

You could also ask for a review since your 2 year anniversary is coming up and use that as a negotiation tool. Then if you don't get what you need give notice and let them know that while you enjoy working for them you need to earn a fair wage.