hi I'm new here!! :D

I'm currently looking for a live in nanny position after my former place of employment closed down. I want to further my education, but not necessarily a four year school (because ugh). I want something that will be useful and set me apart. I have plenty of childcare/newborn experience, but I want to have that extra 'umph' if you know what I'm saying. Apparently there's little to no nanny training programs/schools in the United States. I've thought about going to a school in Ohio, but unfortunately it has some pretty horrible reviews and a lawsuit under its belt. But they have exactly what I'm looking for as far as a three month training program and a placement program at the end. Is there anything else that I'm missing? Thanks so much for your help:)


I don't know if anything like that except the Linquist Group in NYC has an apprenticeship program- I don't know if it's just for nannies, I think it includes assistants and house manages etc... you can check out their website.

I've been very happy with on line trainings through the Nanny Care Hub - the classes are video based, with phone calls, homework and web based groups. You get a certificate of comepletion at the end. I don't know if it will mater to future employers but I have found the 2 classes I took to be helpful and worthwhile.

You could take an INA exam- it would show that you have some level of knowledge.

Also there are conferences. International nanny association does one each year. Nannypalooza has one each year. And I think there is a training on the west coast that is new.

Not what you are looking for but maybe you'll find something I mentioned helpful.


hey there Annie, do you by chance know what the training located on the west coast is called? Thanks so much for your input! :)

It will be somewhere on the west coast not until June 2, 2018. It's called amplify. I guess it's just in the planning stages now.

A degree can certainly set you apart but I find my personality, experience, and professionalism are what get me jobs. I've never trained to be a nanny all I have going for me is my experience and the small certifications like food handlers card and infant cpr/first aid.

I make very a good livable income, especially when a family hires me to also do housekeeping (for a very worth it rate). My references and reviews are also impeccable which helps. I'd start babysitting asap to get some of these :)

You could totally get an Early Childhood Education AA degree in 2 years. That is a HUGE plus as a nanny.

There are also workshops such as How to Deal with Tantrums.