Hey ladies!
Taking a poll here out of curiosity.

Do you get PAID in cash or workers check?(not personal checks)

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I get direct deposit. My employers went through a payroll company that figured out all the taxes. At the beginning of the week, they pay the company and on Fridays I get my post tax pay deposited into my account.

I demand my employers use a payroll service, no more personal checks. I currently have direct deposit via Homepage.

Cash would be required if I had a check issue or non payment, as in had a family missed my Friday pay, on Monday I need cash or I don't come in. Been taken advantage of. I definitely will always require Homepay and direct deposit in all future employment.

Initially cash under the table until the service they used kicked in. Now they use a nanny payroll service called (Homework Solutions), that takes taxes out, issues me a pay stub, & gives me weekly direct deposit. I submit my hours via email every week. Hassle free and its a very low monthly cost to them (I pay nothing).

I don't know what you mean by workers check. I am paid with a personal check but all the taxes are taken out and paid appropriately.

Never cash.

My employers use a payroll service and the money is direct deposited. Taxes are taken out. Prior to employment we discussed what I expected my hourly rate and net pay to be. Any babysitting I do for them is paid in cash.