Vacation Days

Does anyone else ever feel guilty for asking to use their vacation days? I get two weeks off per year. I usually take one week long vacation and 5 individual days off. I always give plenty of notice and, unless it's something that just can't be changed (like my upcoming wedding/honeymoon), I usually try to be flexible with the dates because, if I can help it, I don't want to take off if it happens to be a really rough day schedule-wise for them. They don't really have reliable back up care, so the mom has to take time off work, which is difficult for her to do. They give me two weeks paid, but I just can't help but feel guilty when I use them. I think it's because it's not like an office job where things keep moving even if I'm out a day or two. It disrupts things for them and they are so good to me that I hate doing that to them (they have NEVER tried to make me feel bad for taking off. They have even given me non-vacation time off for appointments and things). Does anyone else ever feel this way?


Don't feel guilty.

If you are worried ask the mom if she has thought about looking for back up care. She can look on care dot com or ask around ( friends, neighbors) and find out who other people use.

End of answer. Haha. If I have paid Vacation I get to chose its going where ever I want with however much notice they require. Do they ask you to give a certain amount of notice? If you respect it there's no guilt allowed. Like literally not allowed. I get zero days of my own chosing. Have never been offered my own choice vacation days, only while parents are already away. So basically, you're very blessed and should enjoy your days off. It's not your responsibility to secure them back up care and they wouldn't have offered you the vacation days at all if they didn't plan on handling it.

I sometimes feel that way but I also have to remind myself that this is the nature of this business. We need time to recharge too. When I use vacation time I look at it like this, I will be a much better nanny afterwards because I will be refreshed. This is better for the kids! Office jobs might be mentally taxing but nannying is mentally taxing and most times, physically taxing too. I will also try and plan my vacations around the time my NF takes their vacations. They plan 2 long vacations a year- each 1 week long. Having back up care is not your problem unless they asked you to do that before you took the job. That's on them. However, if you want to go the extra step you can offer to help them find a back up sitter. Perhaps a friend of yours with a childcare background? Regardless, don't feel bad about taking time for you! We all need it!