Hours before Babysitting - no reply


I am a professional nanny that has a full time job 8:30-5:00 PM. I have previous nanny families that i have worked for in the past that still use me for babysitting and also pass my name along to friends when they are looking for babysitters. I was contacted by a friend of my old nanny family last week. We did what seemed like a basic over the phone interview. We talked about the time she needed, briefly discussed pay but did not make an official decision on what rate we would use. And i agreed to go meet her family the following weekend. I did so, and the mom who i had spoken to previously was not there but her husband and daughter (who i am supposed to babysit) were there. I had a wonderful meeting with them, and from everything i understood i would be babysitting for them today. I text the mom this morning around 11 AM just confirming that i would still be coming and mentioned that we had not yet discussed what pay would be and how they would be choosing to pay me. I still have not heard back from the mother. Discussing this with my mom who is also in the child care field, she recommended that i call her at 5:00 when i should be leaving my work to head straight to their house. If i can not reach her, then i have prepared a message to leave her stating that i cannot be there this evening when i cannot confirm the job in advanced and that i take babysitting as an extension of my professional services. I could understand if i were a high school student who did this to make extra money for fun, but i am providing a much greater service than that, and my time is valuable. Is this terrible of me? Am i taking all the precautions i need to before stating i will not be there? what would you all do?



If she knows a MB of yours, do you really think she would try to short change you, knowing you share a connection with her? I'd take the recommendation from the previous MB as a reference for this woman, and I'd show up. But I would request that the rate is set before they leave the home, and just get cash from them. Shouldn't be hard for them to grab on their way back.

But I wouldn't not show, that would reflect poorly on you to the other people you sit for. She could just be one not to use her phone much on weekends, I know I don't.

i believe that you've given her ample time to respond. i would suggest, in the future, getting the numbers of both parents, calling instead of texting, and leaving a voice-mail if necessary. i completely agree with you about your time being valuable as a professional nanny. i believe that she should be just as respectful and considerate of you and your time as you have tried to be of her and her family/time. i think it's great that an old nf referred you to her but i believe that she's not treating you as a professional, so by letting her know that if she doesn't confirm with you, you won't be there you're letting her know that you are a professional. we train people how to treat us by what treatment we tolerate or accept by them. i would have tried to confirm the day before, though, to really be sure about it. i have been an ece educator for decades and i also nanny/babysit. i have experience with special needs, special diets, multiples, and mixed ages and i believe that my rates are fair for everything i provide to families. so don't ever sell yourself short, because you ARE a professional and that's valuable. i hope you give an update on what happened! :)