Boss wants to pay cash

This is the 2nd time in 2 yrs that my boss brought up paying me in cash as he is paying my taxes. I am retirement age but would rather retire later than now! I am divorced so I can't hide in my husbands income. If I dont have income it sends out a red flag to gov. How does this work?? Its like force retirement!


I don't understand. He wants to pay under the table? Or make you quit? It's late and I may be misunderstanding your post. Could you explain?

I talked with the mom and said if I can't then ok. I too thought he was forcing me out. They had to pay a lot in taxes. So looking into what I would have to be considered as if I pay my own taxes w/out him on papers.

under the table.but they will resort if I don't agree.

I think all you can really do is explain how important it is that you be paid on the books, that you absolutely can't accept to be paid under the table. If your boss insists, you will have to look for a new family that pays legally.

Tell him sorry but you need to be payed on the books.

And then start looking around to see what other jobs are out there just in case he finds someone who will take cash.

Boss said he would give me raise if we go cash and I pay my taxes!!! Geez, that money, raise does not go to me!! I told him to crunch the numbers and I can decide if its for me or not. He said he would like to give me more money. And he said if it doesnt work for me then thats ok!!!

According to me its not broken, so lets not fix it!!