Messy family

I get not everyone is gonna be super clean.. I was hired to do laundry (the whole families) dishes and clean up after children.
My question is when the family is sooo messy they rarely ever clean (there is a maid thank god) but then they don't pick up or wash a single dish and I come in Monday to weekend dishes.. is this normal? Should I ask them if they could try and keep up w their weekend dishes.. as I don't feel that should be my responsibility ... even weeknight dinner dishes are left for me in the am...
problem too being I've been with them for 1 1/2 years and yet to have said anything ... now it's just expected .. or maybe it was all along I guess.. even tho I don't think it should be..


To me it sounds like they are taking advantage of you. They don't want to clean up after themselves and are trying to get you to do it because "it was in the job description" however, they are going way past the limit of what is reasonable by leaving weekend dishes. Kids dishes are the only thing nannies should be responsible for. Talk with them about the amount of clean up you are doing. Explain that you are not able to tend/watch after the children like you should be because you are in the kitchen spending time cleaning (even if this isn't true I would say something like that.) after you talk just stop doing them. Weekend dishes in the sink? Move them out of the way and ONLY clean the dishes that were used while you were on the clock. Spend more time with the kids! That's what being a nanny is. It's not being a part time maid.

No it's not kind of them to leave dishes from the weekend in your way. Unfortunately once you start just washing the dishes they simply expect you to. They don't know it bothers you unless you tell them. It's never an easy conversation but I'd schedule a sit down meeting and discuss you job duties. I'd accept responsibility for doing the dishes only if they offer a raise, and if they don't (or if you simply don't want to anymore) you just tell them, "hey listen I really don't find it fair that I've been left to do dishes from the evening or weekend before my shift. I'm responsible for messes that happen during work hours but not ones left behind. I either need you to work on your habits and do them before I come in, or they will be set aside for you when you get home. "

I'm veeeeery careful to leave messes im not responsible for. If DB drops a dollop of mayo on the floor or counter it's there all day, even if it means not letting the kiddos run around the kitchen. His coffee cups stay, his smoothie rings on the counter stay. He just needs to know I don't clean up after him. That's how job creep happens. I do sweep/vacuum without being asked because it bothers ME but not because he doesn't do it, I'd just prefer it done almost daily with how much the kids eat around the house (with him).

Schedule a meeting to discuss it with them is my advice.

Thanks for the response.
The only reason I continue to do it is because I'm here alone for 2.5 hours before the kids get off the bus. Messes from the night before keep me occupied along w other "chores" ... but ya the weekend dishes is another story, just too much and disrespectful. I think once summer time comes around and kids are out of school, which is very soon, if they continue to not help and do their part I'll mention it. There's no way I'll be able to do it all.
Thx again.

Lazy, dirty people. They added "Dishes" to your job description because they want You to do the dishes 7 days a week like their mommy did for them. First off, I would be nice and talk to them nicely. Tell them You Cannot care for the "children" like a nanny is supposed to do, because you are doing their Dishes 7 days per week. Where is the maid? Is she full-time, live-in? I would tell them to please leave their weekend food mess to the maid, not the nanny. This is really a problem with us nannies as families pull this "job creep" All The Time. "Do all laundry, wash our food dishes 24/7, take the dog out, food prep", but that means cook all meals for the Entire family. Don't fall for that one.
If it is any consolation, I quit a nanny job caring for 1 toddler 3 days per week, as the family did the Same Thing to Me! I would come in on a Monday a.m. and the New Kitchen would be a disaster with dirty food dishes piled in the sink from Saturday and Sunday, and dirty pots on the stove from the weekend, when I was off! The dishwasher was full with clean dishes and they were too lazy to empty it which takes 10 mins. They also had the babies bottles the first year, dirty and floating, in all this mess. Flies in the window above it. Totally disgusting!! I had to wash bottles and sterilize them before I could make his 10 a.m. bottle and wash his baby dishes for cereal. I started when he was 3 months old and ended when he was 15 months old. I had had it. They would use all the spoons and forks even in the drawers. I resigned when the Mom reprimanded me twice, for cleaning up this mess, while baby played in the room. The worst, was Mom had a business in the basement, and had employees coming in to this mess at 9 a.m. and trying to put their lunches in the dirty fridge. Ugh, it was soooo gross. Employees did comment, "we always know when miss pat is here as the kitchen is clean!" She even put in a new $40,000 kitchen and continued with this mess! I just cannot work for dirty, lazy people.
On interview on my next job, I said that I will only do Dishes of baby or child, laundry of children only, and can not stand a Dirty Kitchen at 7:30 a.m. They got the hint! The rest of the house was dirty, but the kitchen was clean. I know this is a really tough job to do every day and I got depressed and frustrated daily, so I had to Quit. All nannies are behind you and here for you. Summer is here and I would look for another job quick before August, as people don't change.
Good luck and keep us posted. miss pat

I put my two weeks in yesterday! A year and a half of that was entirely too much! The last straw was that the oldest may have lice again and the linens needed to be washed... done and done.