Part time Rate

I'm searching for a nanny 14-18 hrs a week for a newborn. 10 weeks old. Should the pay be based on experience? I don't want to offend a potential by offering $10/hr but she has been
Never nannied before.


I have nannied for 10 years & am looking to babysit from my home with my 5 month old now. I typically charge 10-12$ an hour & haven't found a job anywhere because people will only pay like 20$ a day for 8 hours of care!! So I would be very happy with your pay, especially if I had no experience. A newborn can be a lot of work so I definitely wouldn't go any lower than 10$ & technically the suggested rate in my area (Columbus, Ohio) is like $15 but I don't think most people expect that.

In my opinion the pay for part time work should be higher than full time, and yes based on experience and references. But for me, working only 14-18hrs a week means I'd need another job which means you'd better be paying me enough for it to be worth it for me to not take other work. Essentially the better you pay the longer you will keep someone because you're going to get people who will JUMP at the first higher paying more hours gig they can get.

I'm personally hoping to one day find a part time job of only 20hrs a week but by then (5yrs from now) I will absolutely not work for less than $20/hr. I will have 15 years of experience, childcare and development courses, and a very long track record of being awesome. But it comes down to the staying- if I was offered $10/hr and HAD to take a job I'd take it... For 3-6 months until I found the right pay. So I'd protect yourself and try to make $15/hr work. The extra will help go to ensure your Nanny doesn't NEED to replace your hours. Also please please please GUARANTEE those hours, aka pay them even when you don't end up needing your childcare provider for a day. That will also help you keep care.

She only wants part time because she's going to school. With her schedule and my schedule i can only give her those hours. I asked her if that was enough and she said yes. I have not discussed the pay though.

Hello, I have worked as newborn nanny and $10 an hour seems low. You want someone who has experience and you can trust. Taxes will take a chunk out of the ten dollars an hour, as well as gas. People always say newborns are so easy....but they are not. They take a lot of care and time. Pay as much as you can and make sure you check all reference. I would also do some sort of a nanny cam. Just inform the nanny of it. Good Luck, a good nanny will become part of the family.

I believe that you get what you pay for (as well as where you live).

The rate should be determined by a number of factors ...
* age
* experience
* education
* location

I was never a nanny before two years ago, but I had over 20 years working with children (teaching, coaching, etc). I am also highly education ...

That being said, I make $20/hr as a full time live in. I would not think of accepting under $20/hr for a live out position and I would expect more for PT ... especially if you want that person to be flexible ...

Hi I have been a Nanny for newborn twins that are 7 mths old now. I get along very good with the family. They are moving out of state and they want me to go with them. I now work 5 days a week for $20.00 an hour and I go home at night. If I move out of state with them and live in room and board free. I thought $500.00 a week is for nights and weekends offf just curious to think what everyone thinks. Thx

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