Thank you to all ... Looking forward

I think I would just about lose my mind without this site and though I rarely respond, I read every entry.

We only put our stresses/worries/issues/complaints here .. but there are also so many great things that happen (maybe not every day!!) which is why we do this job.

So I made this decision last year to leave ... I wrote a letter of resignation ... sat the mom down and talked about my issues (well, most of them ...) and they agreed to ALL of them.

1. move to the back guest room (I was right next to the child)
2. guarantee of 40hr and OT after 45 hrs / wk (I had no guarantee ... and some weeks only worked 8 hrs)
3. 10 days of PT/vacation
4. no deduction for rent (they were deduction $1000/month for R&B)
5. no working on weekends (I needed to be available 24/7)
6. overnight pay (they felt that the kid was sleeping, so I did not have to be paid ...)

Being the person I am, I decided to stay... It was the biggest mistake. They don't want me to work more than 40 because they don't want to pay me. They cram more more work than possible to complete in 40 hours. I am a live in ... so when I take a 15 minute break, I clock myself out ... I shave hours ... and still they complain about paying me when I work over 40 (and they know I shave hours!!). This family is not on the Forbe's list but they are very well off ...

It has gotten to the point that it is affecting my health. The stress and anxiety is wearing my body down. So I have decided no matter what accommodations they might make, I have to leave. So I will be leaving at the end of this current school year.

I know it may have seem if I have diverted from the start of my post ... but through my own experience and the experience of all of you has helped me navigate through my search and interview process for a new job.
I know what I can handle. I know what I want to be compensated. I know what to look for in the parents. I know nothing will be perfect ... but in every job, there will be positives and negatives ... and you just have to find a job that the positives out weigh the negatives.

I am better off financially than I was two years ago. I know can and will move in with my friend (rotating between two of them) if necessary for a couple of months. II will not be destitute if I leave. It will be difficult to leave. I imagine hurt and anger, but I have to do what is best for me. We only go through this life once. We may be the "hired help" but we have to be happy and healthy too. We are no less than our employers. This job cannot make us sick, either psychologically or physically.

So thank you all for sharing. I don't feel alone.


Congrats on looking after yourself!! You deserve a healthy respectful work environment. It's a same how many parnets take nanny for granted! Good luck